You’ve obviously all noticed the lack of content updates lately, for which I’m sorry. Unfortunately there aren’t many sources of Dragon Gate available these days so it is becoming increasingly difficult to find new material.

However, this hopefully will all be changing soon as I will be looking to other ways to bringing this content to you. Infinities 205-209 will be on their way. I cannot put a timeline on this though so you will just have to remain patient for now.

In the mean time I do still intend to get some older Toryumon/Dragon Gate matches up, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Please hold tight for now.

I am also looking into more ways to improve the site but these things are still in the planning stages so you won’t see them for a while. If you have any suggestions though on things you would like to see from this site please feel free to leave them in the comments.

I hope that you all have taken the time to donate towards the earthquake relief in Japan in some way.

Be safe.


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  • ryo saeba

    i think you should write some columns on your ideas of the dgate product,when you feel it s necessary(after some storyline events,after a ppv for exemple)
    that will bring some life to the comment section of the site

    btw,i tried to bring in some dragon gate fans from sss
    hopefully,they ll come here and leave the pathetic dgate section of that site…..

  • Randy No Kachi!

    I was wondering what was going on , it’s good to know , I really want to watch current DG

  • mastermind

    I just want to thank J cuk for the random indy shows and the new infinities when they surface

    And for the site my only suggestion is keep up the good work and don’t ever go away please haha!

  • Fore

    Everyones gratefull for the work you do, trust me no-one gets pissy about downtimes

  • Seth

    @ryo saeba: Yes you’ve been mentioning that for a while and I wholeheartedly agree. I’ll make sure next PPV that I do so.

    @mastermind: Well jaycuk downloads them from this site then uploads them to the torrent sites… I think you need to read his nfos a bit more thoroughly ;)

    But anyway, I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Unless of course GAORA come knocking on my door with a cease and desist :P

    @Fore: haha no I know. But I want to make sure everyone knows what is going on. I don’t want people to think the site is dead because there have been no updates recently.

  • mastermind

    his recent downloads didn’t have NFO’s

  • Seth

    I guess description then :|

  • TSS CF

    No problem , i will waiting , you do a great job !
    We ( me and others friends French ) are happy to watch the DG on your website !

  • I think for the most part we’re all very grateful you have even set up the site so we can all enjoy DG.
    For me, if you wanna improve it and have the time to do so great. If you don’t? Great. Still get to watch and discuss DG.

    Took me ages to catch up on the goings on cus I didn’t have net for about 4 months, nice to see things are being shaken up soon. Also good to see Yoshino and PAC still as the singles champs.

    But yeah like I said I don’t think anyone is going to bug you for new stuff cus we’re all thankful you do what you do here.

  • mastermind

    everyone should watch mochizuki vs hikaru sato on nosawa bom be ye 6 it was pretty good

  • kyle

    No Complaints, keep up the great work. I’m very grateful for what you put up. In the meantime, while it is hard to get new show up, is there any chance of some older shows or matches being posted? Any chance you will take requests for matches or shows? I’m fairly new to DG and I there certainly are some older matches that I would LOVE to see.

  • Seth

    Yea I’m always open to suggestions, assuming I have the matches of course.

    Over the weekend I’m going to try and get an older show up anyway. I haven’d decided what yet though.

  • mastermind

    i sent seth some old infinities but i guess he didn’t want them on his site

    i can upload some for you here

    once you’re a member let me know you’re there and i’ll get started i actually have quite a few active links to some 08 infinities in there somewhere

  • Seth

    Oh yea sorry mastermind. It’s not that I don’t want them on the site, I just never got around to adding them.

    I’ll be sure to do that also. Thanks again.

  • kyle

    THe two shows I would love to see are:
    1. Gate of Destiney 2008. Actually, just the Dragon Kid/Yoshino match. I heard it is the definitive match between those two.
    2. Storm Gate 2007. I hear the entire show is amazing.

  • mastermind

    I know I have Gate of Destiny 08 and I know I’ve seen Storm Gate 07 but I’m not sure if I have it or it was lost on my last hard drive crash

  • kyle

    If you have the time you also might want to think about creating best of compilations of past years. That way there could always be a resource for new Dragon Gate fans to use to get up to speed.

  • Zacky

    I was wondering if you had the match where it was the MO’z team of Gamma, Doi, Yoshino, Tanisaki, & Dr. Muscle vs Fujii, Jack Evans, Matt Sydal, Roderick Strong, & Kanda. I heard that was a pretty good match, plus I’ve been wanting to see a match where Dr. Muscle actually appears instead of just on the end clips of Infinity

  • ryo saeba

    @mastermind by the way,i m still waiting that you post shingo vs hulk from world 08 and dead or alive 08…….

  • mastermind

    i have that show kyle, dr muscle doesn’t do that much though

    i thought i posted those saeba i’ll check later

  • ryo saeba

    Am i the only one that would like to see Genki with the top belt one day?.
    I mean,if they are going to give it,for the second time to Mochizuki,i do not see why they would not give a short reign to Genki.

    The guy is great.He s very good wrestler,he s a fantastic babyface,he s a very good heel,people loves him…..(he reunites all the elements to be a champion)

    No seriously,it would be nice if they give him the top prize once.
    They could book him as the underdog babyface champion,i m sure people will react to him.
    They gave it to Saito and Yokosuka,so why not giving it to this guy who shine by his charisma.

    It won t probably happen,but it would be fun to watch that

  • Seth

    I definitely think it could work, but only as a babyface. He needs to have the HAGE army behind him. Basically I think he should have won the King of Gate where HAGE was born because that was really the right time for him.

    As it stands right now, he isn’t really in the right place as a lot of things would have to happen for him to be in the right area, and he has changed allegiances way too many times lately.

  • ryo saeba

    Yeah,i know that he s a midcarder now but damn this guy is so fun to watch,that i d like to see champion one day.

    It could super fun to see that,because i think he might be the guy who knows the most how to play the crowd reactions.
    I mean some dgate wrestlers are very good but they do not interact with fans very much.
    They wrestle like robots with only a few expressions on their faces and barely try to interact with people.

    Genki definitely knows how to interact with fans and he could really be the people s champ,so yeah i think that could be fun to watch.

  • He’ll never be champion because he’s the booker. So unless someone new takes over the book, I don’t see it ever occuring.

  • mastermind

    obviously it won’t happen while he’s a blood warrior but i’d like to see genki just receive a dream gate challenge

  • Jaycuk

    Right uploaded the March 20th Kansai Tv Show, am just waiting for infinitys 205-211 to turn up, they ahould be here by the end of the month, then i’ll try and up them as soon as possible