1. Anthony W. Mori, Mark Haskins & Takuya Tomakomai vs. Atsushi Kotoge, Daisuke Harada & Takoyakida
2. Hideyoshi & Masamune vs. Shisa Boy & Super Shisa
3. Asian Cougar & Kuishinbo Kamen vs. Don Fuji & Masaaki Mochizuki
4. Black Buffalo, Bodyguard, Tadasuke & Tigers Mask vs. WARRIORS (Dragon Kid, Gamma, Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito)
5. OPW Singles Title – Billy Ken Kid (c) vs. CIMA

Thanks to AntiVVV.




  • mastermind

    i didn’t enjoy this show so much, the battling crowds were a lot of fun but some of the matches were lack-luster, i liked match 1,3,& 4 match 2 is sengoku beating up shisa boy and not much else and cima really embarrassed BKK, i thought he completely disrespected Billy and i’ll have a hard time taking him seriously now after seeing this

    • ryo saeba

      Maybe,they did that to make the victory of Tigers on CIMA feel like a big deal.
      Now,Osaka Pro is mainly all about Tigers and Kuuga,so they probably tried to put over Tigers last year.

      The fact that Tigers managed to overcome the super strong evil outsider was probably a good story for the kids,even if Tigers was a heel at that time

    • ryo saeba

      Tadasuke had red hair last year right?.

  • mastermind

    I’d agree with you if I thought you actually watched the match but I know you didn’t because you would’ve have seen CIMA compleeeeeetely ignore BKK’s offense for at least 3 minutes he no sold BKK’s high flying moves! acting like he was a giant or something. I don’t know to me he made BKK like terrible and that’s not the truth, Billy can have a good match I’ve seen quite a few of them. Marufuji made Billy look great so what the fuck is CIMA’s problem?

    Yes Tadasuke had red hair he dyed it blonde once LOV began turning face which was right around this point, now I think it’s bright yellow

    • ryo saeba

      Yeah,i did not saw it,i was too busy to watch all the shows of the Champions Carnival and Njpw Cup. In fact,i saw a lot of Nagata s backdrop suplex recently.

  • Mark

    That show was excellent, I’ve never heard a Japanese crowd as lively as that one. Got a real feel with the crowd being seperated into Osaka and DG fans that the event mattered for bragging rights