Jae has posted a lengthy update after the huge events occurring at yesterday’s Korakuen Hall show. You can read the full report over at iHEARTdg but the long and short of it is thus:

  • The Mochizuki unit has been named Junction Three, signifying the joining of the three units WORLD-1, the Veteran Army and KAMIKAZE
  • BxB Hulk has turned heel and joined BW after betraying Takagi
  • Gamma has joined Junction Three
  • Akira Tozawa has made his long awaited return from America and joined Blood Warriors!

So the unit shuffle is finally complete and for the first time in a long time Dragon Gate is just a two faction company (with the exception of those unaligned). Here is how is currently stands:

CIMA, Naruki Doi, BxB Hulk, Akira Tozawa, Yasushi Kanda, Ryo Saito, Genki Horiguchi, Cyber Kong, Ricochet, Kzy, Naoki Tanizaki, Tomahawk T.T

Masaaki Mochizuki, Masato Yoshino, YAMATO, Shingo Takagi, Susumu Yokosuka, PAC, Gamma, Dragon Kid, KAGETORA, Super Shisa

Don Fujii, Taku Iwasa, Kenichiro Arai, Super Shenlong, Kotoka, Shisa BOY, Eita Kobayashi, Takafumi Watanabe

Unknown: K-ness

These latest happenings have massive consequences going forward, so be sure to give your opinions in the comments as to how you see this all playing out.

  • mastermind

    seems interesting enough although i’m not a fan of the name, but its a shame we won’t be seeing any of it at least not for months we’re already 2 months behind on infinity so I guess we’ll have to wait till kobe world to see anything (if that)

  • tmac9311

    I’m mostly curious in the size of the teams. Seems to me that Cyber Kong, Ricochet, Kzy, Naoki Tanizaki, Tomahawk T.T, Gamma, KAGETORA, Super Shisa will all have rather insignificant roles in this “war”, which I fine interesting with Gamma being a dream contender to start the year, as well as guys like Kong playing a significant role in his former squad. Susumu also seems lost in the shuffle. I’m not quite sure what will be gained on the girth of the teams, maybe it makes the leaders seem that much stronger.

    I’m excited for the addition of Tozawa. Being a PWG fan, I became very fond of him,and hopefully his overness in the US will transition to Japan, as he seems to be in line for a larger role in BW.

    The leadership role in BW intrigues me, with Hulk in line to win the Dream come say August, BW will have Doi CIMA and the DG Champ. Seems like Doi has pretty much taken the backseat already, but maybe this problem leads do dissension in BW towards the end of the year, and we can split into 3 or 4 factions again.

    So I guess Junction 3 doesn’t do much for me, all of my intrigue is sparked from Blood Warriors. I hope this 2 team war doesn’t last too long, but I guess I don’t even know how exciting it’s been seeing as Infinities are so hard to come by these days. The Unit shuffle taking until June I find interesting, lets see how they keep this fresh without constant movement.

  • ryo saeba

    so, who was the guy who did a 450 splash under the dr muscle hood?.
    Gamma?.No,that was not him

  • mastermind

    I think it was to tease the Hulk turn so we probably won’t see it anymore

  • ryo saeba

    Despite the fact there is that huge faction war,i do hope that the rest of sekigun will do something
    Hopefully,Shenlong and Kokota can have their first triangle belts with Fuji,because i think they re good wrestlers and they will probably improve and maybe Arai/Iwasa can win the twin belts again.

    Personally,i do not understand the treatment of Shenlong
    So,the guy had his own serie of matches meaning they counted on him,but after he finished it,some guys like Mochizuki still bury him :/
    This is really weird,even Noah was way more logic with Aoki,in my opinion

    • mastermind

      I think the fans just really don’t like shenlong and part of it probably has to do with the way he’s been booked but honestly he’s nothing special he doesn’t seem to be getting any better with time either I just feel really bad that he hasn’t received anything despite being a jobber for so many years and I like rooting for the underdogs, but I kind of understand why he hasn’t been placed into any of the main story lines it’s possible he’s not well liked backstage like tozawa wasn’t earlier on in his career

  • ryo saeba

    hey,seth,is there any chances you ll receive the next bunch of infinity soon?.
    it s just to have an idea when we will be able to continue to watch dgate :|

  • Seth

    Unfortunately I currently have zero idea. I’ve been looking into alternative methods of attaining them but currently nothing solid has surfaced.

    • mastermind

      Where does Jae get them from? I know he’s connected to DG but do they send him free dvds or something?

  • Mark

    I have found some download links for Infinity 212 and 213:

    http://www.fileserve.com/file/ZHA5Xp9/%5BSeabs%5D Dragon Gate Infinity 212.avi

    http://www.fileserve.com/file/sayX6H3/%5BSeabs%5D Dragon Gate Infinity 213.avi


  • ryo saeba

    You can expect to have all the infinities until the april ppv,as Arm drag(a puro fan) bought infinity until number 217 and slowly putting them online

    214 and 215