Sorry friends, I’ve been as notoriously absent as Dragon Gate Infinities have been these days, for which I apologise.

Not least of all to NickSym who very graciously wrote up a great post on his time at GATE OF MAXIMUM, of which I have yet to post! Eek sorry! I will be getting to this very shortly. Also, thanks to ryo saiba and Mark for posting some links to some missing Infinities. I’ll also get them up on the site for all you streaming fans.

Apart from that there isn’t a whole lot going on right now in DG. World is coming up with Hulk in the main event against Mochi which should be… well, let’s face it, make or break time for Hulk. A poor showing here and really I see no ace position in his future. CIMA’s contract is up post World so who knows if that will impact things. Will he re-sign or will he make his way around the Japanese federations? Maybe a stint in the US? Who knows. If he moves on then there will be an ace spot sitting right there. Who could possibly fill his shoes?

So again, many apologies for the lack of updates. It’s summer and I’m busy at work and at life. I’ll try and keep the content coming as best I can though.


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