It’s PPV time again folks. While the overall card doesn’t seem fantastic on paper, definitely the star of the show will be the main event in which we see some major players put their hair (or mask) on the line in the latest cage match. Most Dragon Gate/Toryumon cage matches have been something to behold so the hype levels for this one are high. The long standing rivalry between YAMATO and the returning and currently hottest star in the company Tozawa should be at the forefront of attention.

Elsewhere we see K-ness. joining up once again with AraIwa in a triangle dream team (please make this happen full time Dragon Gate) as well as a continuation of two gimmicks with the Doi Darts team defending their Triangle Gate with the stipulation of only having to win by two count, where the opposing JIII team need three.

So sit back, turn off the lights and enjoy Gate of Destiny, 2011!

10/16/11 Osaka, Osaka Prefectural Gym #1
1. K-ness, Taku Iwasa, Kenichiro Arai vs Super Shisa, Super Shenlong, Kotoka
2. Don Fujii, Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa, Yoshihiro Takayama Vs Yasushi Kanda, Brodie Lee, Metal Mask
3. Ryo Saito vs Rich Swann
4. Open the Triangle Gate Title Match: Naruki Doi, Naoki Tanizaki, Kzy (C) vs Masaaki Mochizuki, Gamma, Susumu Yokosuka (Blood Warriors can win via 2 count)
5. Open the Brave Gate Title Match: PAC (C) vs Genki Horiguchi
6. Open the Twin Gate Title Match: CIMA, Ricochet (C) vs Masato Yoshino, Dragon Kid
7. Mask Vs Hair Steel Cage Survival 6 Man Match: Akira Tozawa vs Bxb Hulk vs Cyber Kong vs YAMATO vs Shingo Takagi vs KAGETORA

  • mastermind

    Overall a pretty good show, the twin gate match was the worst match only because it should’ve been a lot better, the cage match was wacky as hell, but it’s still entertaining

  • mastermind

    btw it’s pretty obvious that Rongai was playing the metal warrior if that’s worth noting I don’t know I feel bad for that guy

  • MrMoonlight

    Overall it has not been as good as Dead or Alive & World Fest 2011. No MOTYC in my book in this one, the best match was the triangle gate to me, the Main event was very entertaining and played a lot with the drama but was too wacky, the wrestling was overshadowed by the booking in this one.

  • Pos

    PAC and horiguchi was my fav of the night. the cage right behind.
    I too felt disappointed by the twin gate macth.

    • ryo saeba

      you were disappointed by a match involving dragon kid , yoshino and CIMA ?.

    • mastermind

      the twin gate match BY FAR was THE WORST match on this show, not that it was a bad match but I don’t think very much effort was put into it especially by the champion team. They spent WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY too long doing heel work up until the hot tag. There were 3 or 4 better opportunities early in the match that the JIII team could get that hot tag and the finale sprint could start but that didn’t happen. When it did finally happen the crowd was so bored that they were dead for the JIII comeback. Yoshino & Kid were great and I hope we get a rematch with these teams and with a better effort but JIII I’m going to assume only had about 3 mins of offense at the end before the BW’s reclaimed the match and won it.

  • ryo saeba

    i did not saw the show so i wondered

    does match number 2 sucks?.
    there is the lame stalker ichikawa , brodie lee and granpa Takayama so ……

    it s the best cage match in dgate or not ?.

    • mastermind

      match 2 was fun, it was a mess and the camera crew were missing a lot of spots in the beginning but it was fun

      2nd best cage match out of the 3 in Dgate, the best one was the first one (in dgate) where Kanda lost is hair, the worst was the RH-Gurentai-W1 cage match

    • Seth

      Hmm I have to disagree. I thought that Gurantai one was far better. This one had some good build up but it was totally ruined by all the shit that happened at the end. The tennis balls especially were a big negative. Overall this was, for me, the worst cage match they’ve put on.

      Still the first Golden Net Cage Match in Toryumon is the best.

    • mastermind

      umm if u remember the gurentai cage had far wackier stuff, the bottle full of grease, the stupid gloves, not to mention the volleyball launcher

      but the whole thing was pointless, first of all nothing came from the Hulk-Yoshino exchange regarding Hulk leaving Yoshino behind, MAZADA escaped without even doing anything, there was no reason whatsoever to have Kid in there in the first place, Susumu, K-Ness (& Genki) were removed from the unit almost immediately after

      plus there were no good spots that made the match memorable….

    • Seth

      Hmm you might be right. I might be remembering it better than it actually was. Maybe it was cause the PPV as a whole was better than this one (overall fairly mediocre imo).

      Still, can’t say I was a fan of this match.

  • ryo saeba

    btw,pretty good idea to put tags to direct us on some kind of matches.
    very useful idea.