There be slight spoilers in this post, so if you hope to avoid knowing the results of this year’s Final Gate, just watch the video and avoid reading further :)

Love him or hate him, there is no denying CIMA’s impact and importance within Dragon Gate. From the leader of Crazy MAX, Blood Generation, Typhoon, WARRIORS-5 and now Blood WARRIORS he has won every title imaginable. Having just won the Dream Gate for the umpteenth time, he also becomes the first full time roster member to win the title as a heel.

In celebration of this event we bring you this CIMA special. In it we get a close look at the man Oshima Nobunaga and his impact on the promotion. While it is all in Japanese, it is still a worthwhile watch if you are a fan of the man.

Merry Christmas everyone.




  • I’m a big fan of Cima, my favorite wrestler. Thank you for the video !

  • Alan4L

    Thanks buddy, this looks awesome.

  • MrMoonlight

    Ok, I definitly need to learn japanese in 2012.