6v5 Blood Warriors vs Junction III Tug of War
1. Naoki Tanizaki vs Rich Swann (clipped)
2. Genki Horiguchi vs KAGETORA (clipped)
3. Ryo Saito vs  Super Shisa (clipped)
4.  Kzy & Tomahawk TT vs Susumu Yokosuka (clipped)
5. Yasushi Kanda vs Dragon Kid
6. Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi vs Susumu Yokosuka & KAGETORA
7. Loser Leaves Unit – Masaaki Mochizuki. Masato Yoshino, Shingo Takagi, Gamma & YAMATO vs Naruki Doi, CIMA, Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk & Cyber Kong




  • What’s the deal between YAMATO & Cyber Kong ?

    • mastermind

      Well if you watched the ppv you should remember that Cyber was mostly responsible for YAMATO’s head getting shaved, now YAMATO has returned the favor, but because BW was so quick to turn their backs on him, YAMATO kind of felt sorry for him and offered him a singles match so Cyber at least has a chance to get back on track

    • I was pretty sure of something like this. Thx :wink:

  • Seth

    With Cyber unaffiliated there definitely are some big names now left hanging around.
    I could get behind a Fujii, K-ness., Cyber, Iwasa, Araken, Kotoka, Tominaga(!) unit…
    I don’t think that will happen though. More likely there will just be another unit shakeup and we’ll see those unaffiliated get brought into whatever units get created.

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  • latino718

    i don’t mind seeing kong having his own group.does anyone knows when the blood warriors show airs on samurai tv?

    • Seth

      I want to say Dec 10th.

      So I will. Dec 10th.

    • It’s actually not on Gaora’s schedule yet. Supposedly the December 10 show is going to be the PAC vs. Ricochet and Tominaga coming out party show, and the following week they’re supposedly airing the last Buyuden show. But then Gaora’s schedule gets screwed up a lot so who knows.

    • mastermind

      because it’s Blood Warriors and not Dragon Gate it’s being aired on Samurai TV not Gaora

    • mastermind
  • mastermind

    After watching this show I don’t see any unit shakeups coming any time soon. I don’t know if you guys noticed but there were a lot of people wearing Junction III shirts, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that with any unit before. They appear to be immensely popular but I think one of two things can happen right away. I think either Gamma will follow up on his recent anger towards Mochizuki and leave the unit or Cyber will unmask go by his real name and join JIII

    • Seth

      Well I feel we have about 3 months until we start to see signs for sure, but I think it has to come. They are really running out of ways to make this interesting. There’s really no point in having just two factions making up the entire company for an extended period of time.

      As for JIII popularity… well I don’t really see WHY in all honesty. I’m not the biggest BW fan but I think the Doi Darts sideshow is really keeping that unit feel fresh. JIII is just a snorefest.

    • mastermind

      Well like I always say it doesn’t really matter if we think it’s interesting or not, if JIII is selling merch, I don’t see why they would end the unit. I think they should have Gamma & the Jimi’s leave, recruit cyber, iwasa, arai & k-ness and possibly tominaga since he’s the most over out of the NEX grads, then JIII can pick up kotoka and or Kobayashi just because…

  • mastermind

    Blood Warriors & 242 are online

  • reostzombie13

    Another tug of war? Actually thought this mid carder’s tug of war was almost as entertaining as main eventer’s tug of war.

    Think I had even more interest in it than I the ‘loser leaves the unit’ match. Too many spots in the beginning that I lost interest. The ending was pretty grabbing though. Felt bad for YAMATO lately. You could see in his eyes how badly he wanted to put Cyber Kong down when he applied that first sleeper hold.

    Think kicking Kong out of Blood Warriors is a mistake. He had so much momentum on his side. If they kicked out Doi he could’ve just brought Doi Darts with him. Almost feels as they’re their own thing anyways. Less need for such a drastic unit shake-up. Maybe YAMATO could’ve got the boot too but J3 really needed a win other that Mochizuki.