Open the Dragon Gate is a purely not-for-profit website run by Dragon Gate fans for Dragon Gate fans. From the beginning I have tried to run the site without advertisements and have consciously made an effort to not ask for donations.

While this continues to be the case, I have been asked many times by people wanting to donate money to the site. This is both highly surprising and also very reassuring that you, the fans, are enjoying the site.

Open the Dragon Gate will remain to be ad free. No matter what, there will always be new content as long as it is available and money will never be a reason to stop posting it. However, if you really feel like you would like to donate , the option is now available. All contributions will go towards the purchase of new content for the site, as well as the regular things like server costs and video hosting. All contributions, no matter how big or small are extremely appreciated. Don’t worry, this will be the first and last post of this kind. To reach the donation page in the future there is a link in the menu. I will not bombard you with requests or Paypal donate links :)

If you would like to donate simply click on the Paypal button below. If you are a registered member on the site please be sure to include your username in the info field also as I would like to credit everyone who does donate. If you would prefer to remain anonymous then that is also fine.

Domo arigato gozaimasu!



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