Hi folks, it’s time for our first Toryumon Tuesday! While I’ve posted many Toryumon shows in the past, I’ve never posted their weekly shows that were aired on TV. We’re going to begin our trip with the very first episode. For those new to Toryumon, what you mainly need to know is this is Ultimo Dragon’s promotion created to showcase his students. We’ll see the early stages of some big names, including Magnum TOKYO and a pre-CIMA Shiima Nobunaga with his Crazy MAX brethren Judo Suwa and Sumo Dandy Fuji (who go on to be SUWA and Don Fujii respectively).

So sit back and take the phone off the hook for the next hour. Toryumon… STARTO!

1. Toryumon Wrestler Intros
2. Genki Horiguchi vs. Yasushi Kanda
3. Susumu Mochizuki vs. Keni’chiro Arai
4. Yoshikazu Taru vs. Stalker Ichikawa
5. Yoshikazu Taru/Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Takeshi Okamura/Keiichi Kawano
6. Shiima Nobunaga/Judo Suwa/Sumo Fuji vs. Dragon Kid/Magnum TOKYO/SAITO




  • mastermind

    awesome now that I’ve watched this I actually remember seeing this show a long time ago

    but uh today’s LIVE infinity special is ONLINE yay!!!

  • MrMoonlight

    Wow! I discovered Dragon Gate about 1 year ago, I’ve never watch anything prior to their ROH run with Blood gen & do fixer. It is really shocking to see Horiguchi, Kanda or Arai with their 99 look.

    • mastermind

      not to mention Genki & Arai have hair! also if anyone hasn’t figured it out the star of the main event SAITO is actually Super Shisa

  • Mark

    Enjoyed that blast from the past thx for posting these old shows so I can see how it all began.
    Just wondering whats the unit opposed to Crazy MAX with SUWA, Fujii, Cima and Taru in it called?