We come into this week’s Toryumon Tuesday with plenty of titles on the line and the beginning of probably early Toryumon’s best rivalry with Dragon Kid taking on SUWA. We also end the evening with the finals of the NWA Middleweight title tournament pitting legend The Great Sasuke vs up and coming Magnum TOKYO. Sorry folks, through all the merriment this one came a little late but I hope you’ll find time to watch it. This will probably be the last show posted of the year so I hope everyone has enjoyed 2011 and we will resume regularly scheduled programming (ie always late) in January!

1. NWA Welterweight Title Tourney Finals – Dragon Kid vs. Dr. Cerebro(IWRG)
2. NWA Welterweight Title Match – Dragon Kid vs. Judo Suwa
3. IWRG Intercontinental Title Match – Shiima Nobunaga vs. Magnum TOKYO
4. NWA Middleweight Title Tourney highlights
5. Tournament Finals – The Great Sasuke vs. Magnum TOKYO




  • By 1999 Toryumon standards this was an AMAZING show. CIMA vs. TOKYO and TOKYO vs. Sasuke are both really really good.