What better way to start off 2012 with a healthy dose of 1999? Hopefully your hangovers have subsided and you are well on your way to failing more resolutions made in haste the night before last.

We have some hot Crazy MAX vs Toryumon Army 6-man tag this week as well as the continued rivalry of Dragon Kid and SUWA with the NWA Welterweight Title on the line. Also: Stalker.

1. SAITO vs. Genki Horiguchi
2. Shiima Nobunaga/Judo Suwa/Sumo Fuji vs. Keni’chiro Arai/Dragon Kid/Magnum TOKYO
3. Arai vs. Fuji
4. Stalker Ichikawa vs. Tsubo Genjin
5. Nobunaga/Fuji/Yoshikazu Taru vs. Susumu Mochizuki/SAITO/Horiguchi
6. NWA Welterweight Title – Dragon Kid (c) vs. Judo Suwa




  • r2doomey

    Outta curiosity I wonder where Magnum Tokyo is at these days? I remember he had an eye injury and was contemplating retiring, but then he decided to return back to HUSTLE in ’09. After that I couldn’t find any news. Wonder if he’ll ever go back to Dragon Gate?

    • Seth

      I have no idea whatsoever. I hope so. I would love to see him return. I saw him wrestle in HUSTLE a few times. His late DG stuff wasn’t great cause of his injuries and weight gain, but he’s just the sort of personality you want to have around.

  • jae

    Magnum is a teacher at his own branch of the Daidojuku kudo school. He isn’t very welcome in most places, so unless it is a favour to Tenryu or something run by Tenryu himself he probably won’t be back in wrestling with any regularity. It’s wrestling, so never say never, but he will probably won’t be back anywhere.

    • Seth

      Well that’s a shame, although I can’t say I’m surprised. :|