Open the Triangle Gate – Naruki Doi, “Naoki Tanizaki” (Tomahawk T.T.) & Kzy vs Kenichiro Arai, Taku Iwasa and K-Ness
BW vs JIII Loser Leaves Unit Match – Shingo Takagi, YAMATO, Dragon Kid, Jimmy Susumu & Jimmy KAGETORA vs CIMA, Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk, Ryo Saito & Genki Horoguchi

  • Completely insane. I Can’t wait for the Yoshida Style Match !

    • mastermind

      I can’t even wait to read about what happens in that match, I’m expecting some crazy swerves to happen during that match

  • mastermind

    Just noticed from that the Yoshida Style Unit Disbands match has the BW’s outnumbered 7-6, Tozawa’s old best buddy Iwasa seems to be the only one missing from that show, meanwhile his triangle buddies K-Ness & Araken are teaming with Shisa

    • mastermind

      n/m jae just forgot to put Kanda on his match listings

  • reostzombie13

    Being fake Tanizaki is the only way Tomahawk was going to get anywhere in his carreer. That gimmick where he was play Nakano’s son was not working. Also why does Tanizaki have the Owari belt? That’s Swann’s belt. Stop stealing!!! :x I think I just noticed this. Does DG not use tag ropes? Arai and Taku’s german killer is so cool. 8) Pretty useful in a promotion where every other guy uses it to finish a match. Sick swinging neckbreaker into the knees by Taku & K-Ness. haha, KZY went KZY. Think that’s the first match I saw in DG being DQed. It was an okay match but no way the challengers were walking away with the gold even with an injury on team Doi Darts. I like how fake Tanizaki gets a few minutes to himself in the beginning and isn’t seen until he’s getting the crap beaten out of him in the end.

    Wow, Kong is going through a horrible losing streak since being booted from BW. Dude should just make his own stable already.

    The main event makes DG shows look like they’d be really fun to attend. That crowd interaction. RIP Kagetora’s pelvic bones. :/ Tozawa’s crazy. He almost pulled YAMATO’s tights off. I’m sure the ladies would’ve loved that. Nice fake out by BxB on Shingo. Hulk has too many kicks to block. Pretty cool seeing work in a combo with Dragon Kid. How the hell did YAMATO kick out of that combo? haha, what the hell KZY? Don’t ever dq KZY even if you have every right to.

    What the heck? I thought it was pretty cool if Kong was attacking everyone but it turns out he’s just joining the Blood Warriors again. How can that be the case? It’s not like BW kicked him out. :( It kind of makes sense since Cyber Kong didn’t even go through the trouble of changing his mask’s colors. Also, I really don’t get why they kicked out CIMA. Can anyone help with that? You think CIMA with the belt gives BW more power than ever. Tozawa attack Genki & Saito makes sense. That’s been building for a couple of episodes. Guess when a stable become all powerful, it wants to start cleaning out the trash but that doesn’t work as much when your rival stable is still standing and than kick out the guy that makes your stable all powerful.