1. BxB Hulk & Kzy vs. CIMA & Don Fujii
2. Loser Leaves Unit Match – Naruki Doi & Yasushi Kanda & Cyber Kong vs. Gamma, Masaaki Mochizuki & Masato Yoshino




  • r2doomey

    Hey just outta curiosity are you still doin Toryumon Teusdays? Just wondering cuz I totally would like it you continued all the way up to where they officially called themselves Dragon Gate

    • Seth

      Yeah sorry, I missed last week because work is really busy. Will have this week’s up for sure. I can’t guarantee every single show between now and the split will be shown, but I’ll do what I can. Unfortunately some shows are harder/more expensive than others.

    • I’m pretty sad that that didn’t happen Seth.

    • Seth

      lol argh! I will post it later today haha sorry!

  • reostzombie13

    I feel so bad when a guy is kicked out of a stable but still wears their colors the following weeks. Fuji only operates through the power of the fans or maybe with a better back. He did seem pretty gassed in the beginning. Damn, KZY can get so animated at times. CIMA’s double knees practically caved Hulk’s face in. It was neat to see CIMA use some of his classic moves. Fuji seemed out of place in this match but maybe I’ll adjust to him & Cima together. The win pretty much establishes they’re a stable now, right? Surprisingly CIMA didn’t seem as affected by being kicked out of the Blood Warriors as he should be cracking jokes. Guess he’s just happy to be with Fuji again.

    It’s surprising how much Kagetora kicks out of. He may not be going after the Dream belt yet but it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s a possibility for the future. Is Dr. Muscle really back? haha, at this point who hasn’t played him? Tozawa’s anger after his match is exactly the emotion that’s needed for those sucky losses. Great expressions as always.

    Genki & Saito get the same treatment as CIMA. Get kicked out. Win the next week to show they’ve found their next stable and are ready to carry on.

    Still not sure why Kong is able to join the BW anyways. Kind of make this match pointless. Why isn’t Doi wearing the Cyber mask? Only way for his attire to make sense. Doi does a better job of getting revved up than Kong does. At least it’s more effective. Now, Doi/Gamma was a chop battle. Way better than what Fuji/KZY put on earlier. Wow, I almost forgot Mochizuki was in this match. Even when Mochi makes an impact, he makes sure he disappears quickly so he isn’t remembered. How much saliva does Gamma have that crazy animal? The way Kong’s mask tassles flew after Masaaki kicked him was so cool. Poor Gamma. One can only take so many piledrivers. Was surprised at how entertained I was by that match. Gamma, Yoshino, Doi and Kong put together a good main event.

    Really sucks seeing Genki being dropped from BW. Behind CIMA he was their poster boy. Surprise, CIMA is Dr. Muscle. When will the surprises end?