Losing Unit Disbands Yoshida-Style 14 Man Tag Team Elimination Match – Blood WARRIORS (Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk, Cyber Kong, Fake Naoki Tanisaki, Kzy, Naruki Doi & Yasushi Kanda) vs. JUNCTION THREE (Dragon Kid, Jimmy Susumu, Masaaki Mochizuki, Masato Yoshino, Rich Swann, Shingo Takagi & YAMATO)




  • mastermind

    This match came off odd on this episode, I thought they did a good job hiding the fact that they compressed a 72 min match into about 45 mins but they may have skipped something big because that’s almost 30 mins of clipping

  • I have a feeling they didn’t cut anything big. From the looks of things they snipped out the 30 minutes between Mochizuki’s entrance and Takagi’s elimination. And then maybe another minute here or there. Seemed pretty seamless to me.

    I may be biased, but at this point 5 of the 6 eps of Infinity in 2012 have had outstanding matches. There is really no better wrestling show out there.

    • Seth

      I would say it seemed pretty seamless, but definitely the cutting made it feel like it was pin, pin, pin, pin etc. Which often it is in these kinds of matches at the end, but probably wasn’t the case this time.

      Overall a good match though. I think the end was a bit anti-climactic and it didn’t help with CIMA, TAKA et al raining on the JIII farewell parade, but I guess that stuff had to happen somewhere and JIII needed to close the show.

      Anyway… fare thee well Juntion Three. I can’t say you will be missed (by me).

  • mastermind

    so….stuff happened in Aichi today, without spoiling TOO much, Doi is the last ultimo trained member of BW still active on the team hmmmmmmmm

    • Seth

      **if you don’t wanna know spoilers stop reading**

      I definitely marked out when I saw that development and am pretty hyped about this Triangle team being faces. I was always a big fan of Kanda back in the day, as well as when he made his initial return. When he turned heel again he kinda just got lost in the noise and became boring and inconsequential. I feel like this class 2 team can be really awesome and while I still don’t have any strong feelings on SaiRyo, face Genki is also a big favourite of mine. Definitely these developments are 100% more interesting to me than the reformation of the veteran army (snorrre).

  • mastermind

    I thought MaraIsa & Candy are part of the veteran army now, I mean they were all out there when the triangle gate match was finally made

    Not sure if I like the possibility of more Jimmy’z but Jimmy Rich might be cool he’d be the only one I’d like to see become a Jimmy honestly

  • mastermind

    Infinity is going back to bi-weekly but the episodes will be 3 hours and starting in april more korakuens will be live!!!!

  • mastermind

    according to the Gaora website the move to 2 hours will mean only one more infinity for this month then in March we will get a 2 hour long special as 252 it will be champion gate day 1 and 2 and 253 will be the live april Korakuen show

    so it will seem like there’s an infinity drought for march but in reality they’re only airing one episode the whole month

  • mastermind

    *sorry for the multiple posts* correction the feb Kobe Sambo Hall show will air in march as well, sorry….the champion gate special is only 2 hours but every episode that isn’t live from here on out will be 3 hours not 2 like i posted above

    • Seth

      Thanks for the info.

  • latino718

    i guess that’s good

    • Seth

      I don’t know but this made me laugh :lol:

  • mastermind

    it means no more filler episodes and they go back to the way it was before which is usually almost full coverage of the bigger shows where all the angles take place and maybe even live korakuens

  • mastermind

    Anyone know what a Mad Blankey is supposed to be?

  • r2doomey

    Just saying I saw the name change happening, but damn does Mad Blankey sound something fiercely stupid. I think that sticks only to the point where another name is chosen. And know I only draw that cuz “blank” is in “Blankey” so…yeah…maybe they put blank in there because they have no idea what to call the group anyway.

  • Seth

    When was the last time a Dragon Gate name made sense? M2K? We’ll all be used to it in a month no doubt just like WARRIORS-3, Crazy MAX, Muscle Outlaw’z etc etc.

    • mastermind

      I don’t disagree that we’ll all get used to it eventually but the previous nonsensical names at least sounded cool

      Mad Blankey sounds like a crazy baby blanket….it just sounds stupid

    • r2doomey

      I don’t think I could get used to it. It just sounds too babyish. It takes away any sort of intimidation they once had as the Blood Warriors. Of course though that makes sense because this unit shakeup was going to change everything, but, idk, this isn’t intriguing me as much as the BW/J3 war that kicked off last year

  • mastermind

    OMG Speed Muscle plus PAC, Ricochet & Swann!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH

    I’m over Mad Blankey now….THANK YOU DG!

    Just don’t give them a shitty name too….

    • Seth

      Yeah that’s a pretty nuts team. Also very glad to see the Jimmyz break out at their own unit. I think Genki is anything but a Jimmy really, but whatever. They are all the same class and it’s great to see them all in one spot. Hopefully K-ness joins them too, but I wouldn’t want to see him as a Jimmy…

      Veteran unit predictably dull already. Hopefully Shingo/YAMATO do something interesting. Maybe teaming with K-ness., Araken and Iwasa would be cool.

    • mastermind

      Embargoed….nooooooo Hopefully they can change it to The Embargo before they official reveal it

  • Toryumon Tuesday?

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  • reostzombie13

    The recap of stable’s rivalries was pretty nostalgic. I miss Kamikaze so much. The other stables not so much.

    Wow, Fake Tanisaki’s knee in the corner was so slow. Haha, he pays for it with a quick elimination. Dang, Swann got so much flip, he almost flipped himself out of the ring. It’s so nice to see him on Infinity again. Had to laugh at KZY working the ropes in a diamond pattern. He needs to do that every match. Screw this vertical and horizontal direction everyone else is used to. Swann may not be able to fly no more after KZY’s testicular vice. There definitely needs to be more than one ref fore this madness. So much biting going on from the Warrior’s side. Poor KZY, ripped apart like a rag doll. For sure I thought he was finished. Would’ve been disappointing if Kanda was the one to eliminate Shingo. Once Kong got in the ring, I knew he was going to be the one to do it. Am a little surprised that’s he the first one finished on J3’s behalf. Good stop Swann. No way Kong is doing a dive. haha. Good strikes by Swann. They appeared legit. For a split second I believed he had a chance against Kong. Nice to see some regulation enforced even though the tornado style wasn’t that bad to follow. YAMATO’s spear to BxB has to be my favorite of his spears. ‘That sucker came out of nowhere.’ Doi/Susumu’s combination had me going dizzy from the maze they were running in the ring.

    YAMATO’s elimination was pretty weak. His shoulders weren’t even down and he should be able to handle some wine. 3-5, not sure J3 has a chance. You can tell they’re pretty gassed by the point BxB, Kong and Akira are doing their triple team combos in the corners. It looked like Yoshino was choking BxB in one of his pin attempts. :o That criss cross Mochi had Dark Tension tied in the corner was pretty crazy. What a tag team trap. Why are so many suplexes proclaimed as brainbustahs? Even I was pretty shocked when Mochizuki was able to eliminate BxB Hulk. Guess, leader vs leader. Mochi just said, “F your punch” haha. Nice to see the stable corner combos for old time sake. The ref clearly seen it when the BW were doing it. Must have thought it was part of his imagination. The turn around between the two was great. Nice to see Mochi finally break Kanda’s stupid box right over him. The ending sequence was very fitting for what the match had meant.

    Fantastic match to end the feud. The editing was okay. Beginning and end were great but the pinfalls in between were really squeezed in there. There were eliminations just for the sake of eliminating guys despite their status in the stable. Even in this match BW had much better chemistry and it would’ve felt like a drag had Junction 3 survived.

    Surprised a lot more time wasn’t given to J3 to say their goodbyes. Guess, DG wanted to move past this point as quick as possible trying to compress a bunch of feud starts at the end of this era. It was pretty obvious Genki & Saito were gone. Can’t believe Doi was quiet this time. Probably holding out for his triangle rivalry with Aichi. CIMA & friends really rained on BW’s parade. This was their moment and CIMA comes strolling out with his belt & legends. It was great seeing Michinoku. He came out so nonchalant. When the heck did their 3 on 3 match happen. Would’ve guess that would’ve been next episode but I guess not.