With the completion of the Yoshida style losing unit disbands match, we have come to the inevitable annual unit shakeup, with some very interesting possibilities abound.

I’m sure it came as no surprise to most that JUNCTION III were on the losing side of this match. The unit had a good run but ultimately failed to make any sort of real dent into Blood WARRIORS, which was ultimately the whole point of having this super group. However, BW looks to be imploding from within with Tozawa, Hulk and Kong leading the pack against veterens and supposedly weak links MaharaIsappa.

With CIMA still the Dream Gate champion and now babyface once more, how will the units end up? Will Stalker finally have a unit to call his home for real? Will CIMA and Fujii reform one of the longest relationships in the company officially? With the number of high level free agents right now (Gamma, K-ness., Araken and Iwasa topping that list) and as well as the huge influx of new free agents, the possibilities are very exciting.

Post your theories in the comments and we will see how it turns out.


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  • r2doomey

    Wait so does this mean J3 is officially disbanded? I thought Gamma was the only one that was outed after getting pinned by Cyber Kong? Well, I definitely see how Cima and Fujii will band together again. I also think that MarahaIsappa will be kicked out soon as well, along with Doi perhaps. Araken, Iwasa, and K-ness are really being pushed as Triangle Gate Champs so I believe that will happen. And, for the remainder of of the stars I think J3 will stay together for the most part, and Blood Warriors will continue to be headed by Tozawa, Hulk, and Kong with possible name change.

    • r2doomey

      ok so i spoiled the news for myself. disregard the previous comment. Damn i need to catch up on this stuff

  • latino718

    i don’t see tozawa changing the unit name.i see kzy,tomahawk & naoki (when he returns) staying with BW.doi seems to have problems with kzy and tozawa is starting problems with him.i do see doi teaming with yoshino again.its obvious ryo & genki teaming with cima again.although i prefer seeing ryo on his own and try to become a top guy in DG.i hope yamato starts his own unit,without shingo being apart of it.not sure if mochi would start a new unit.i also think tozawa will become dream gate champion hopefully by the anniversary show ppv

  • mastermind

    Here’s what I see happening, First of all Shingo will win the Dream from CIMA at the big march ppv, that would give his 2 worst enemies, Tozawa & Hulk, even more incentive to continue their feud with him.

    I also see Doi being removed and Yoshino taking his place, at the end of World-1, Yoshino & Hulk were best buddies and Yoshino never saught revenge against him. It’s too early to reunite Doi & Yoshino, in fact there hasn’t been enough interaction between the two lately so I think this move makes perfect sense. Tanizaki who also betrayed Yoshino will be gone for 6 months so he’ll probably return against the heel unit and align with Doi.

    I think Iwasa will also join this new heel unit. He and Tozawa have a lot of history and his run with K-Ness & Araken isn’t going anywhere. I see Iwasa betraying those 2 and they will continue working outside of DG, while Iwasa becomes a part of the main story

    I think Junction should split in 2 different units. I would like to see a Serious style unit and flashy style unit. Serious being the guys who kick, chop, lariat and don’t necessarly fly all over the place and flashy being the direct opposite

    If I booked DG from this point on my units would be
    Heel – Tozawa, Hulk, Cyber, Yoshino, Iwasa, Kanda, PAC, Tomahawk, Kzy, Shenlong (Brodie, Uhaa)
    Face 1 – Mochizuki, Shingo, YAMATO, Jimmy S, Jimmy K, Kotoka, Tominaga
    Face 2 – Doi, Kid, Gamma, Saito, Horiguchi, Ricochet, Swann, Kobayashi, Watanabe
    Unaffiliated – CIMA, Fuji, Stalker, K-Ness, Araken, Shisa

  • MrMoonlight

    I’m late to comment on it, I just watched Infinity 247, I save myself from any spoilers (exept the home page of this website with a pic of a stable with Doi, Pac & Swann, no pb i understand).

    At this point I fell there are several connexions within each stables.

    Cima is the mentor of Ricochet, so I guess, Ricochet will stay with Cima, even if he started to be good as a heel. So with Hori & Saito, + Fuji, you have an interesting stable here.

    Shingo & Yamato are loyal to each other, friends… Whatever ahppens, I definitly see them stay together, reforming Kamikaze maybe with some changes.

    So I know there a stable with Doi, but it was quite obvious he would be kicked out of the new BW stable. I don’t know if he will be face or heel however.

    As far as Mochi, I really don’t know where he is going. Before Infinity 247 I thought he would reform his team with Fuji, but now, I can’t imagine Mochi & Cima in the same unit, they are too big for that. So I guess Mochi will lead what is left of the JIII, with a new name. As an veteran, he may add some very young guys in his new stable.

    So here are my guess with a bit of what i would like to see:
    Heel – BW – Tozawa, Hulk, Kong, Kanda, Kzy, Tomahawk, Tanizaki.
    Face – Cima stable – Cima, Fuji, Horiguchi, Saito, Ricochet & Tominaga
    Face – Kamikaze – Shingo, Yamato, Yokosuka, Kagetora
    Heel (?) – Doi stable – Doi, Pac, Swann, Gamma, Dragon Kid
    Unaffiliated: Mochizuki, K-ness, Arai, Iwasa, Shisa, Shenlong, Stalker + those I forgot.

    I’m really anxious to see what will happen, and what is great is I can see it right NOW!