Match stipulations week this week as we start off with the CIMA Royale to decide the number 1 contender for the Dream Gate title, with special surprise final entrant, PAC. For you No Rope, No DQ fans (whoever you are) there’s a back to back double header ending the show as BxB Hulk takes on YAMATO followed by Akira Tozawa vs Shingo Takagi. If you watch just one match from this episode make it this one.

1. CIMA Battle Royale – Dragon Kid, Gamma, Don Fujii, Super Shenlong, Eita Kobayashi, Dragon Kid, Rich Swann, Masato Yoshino, Cyber Kong, Yasushi Kanda, PAC
2. No Rope, No DQ –  BxB Hulk vs YAMATO
3. No Rope, No DQ –  Akira Tozawa vs Shingo Takagi




  • Ricochet is a BW or he have joins Cima ?

    • latino718

      ricochet is out of BW now mad blankey.he’s joining with yoshino & doi new stable.he also no longer teaming with cima in japan

    • mastermind

      What Doi was saying in the beginning of the episode was telling CIMA you brought in Ricochet so you can take him with you then he challenged for the Brave Gate

      what they left out was CIMA telling Yoshino that Ricochet had always wanted to team with him and Yoshino accepting

  • New stable ? You spoiled me ! :lol:
    Thx ;)

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  • reostzombie13

    This CIMA Royale concept is a great gimmick. Definitely is going to make CIMA stand out in the history books as Dream champion. :D

    Okay whatever version of the camel clutch Pac had Swann in looked really silly. Kobayashi looks so confused when he comes out, maybe Fuji was a little late. haha, Fuji is such a prick for pinning Gamma like that. :x I like that Shenlong is always starting sh!t but can’t do much about it when he does. Knew one of these day Swann would flip so much he’d flip himself out of a match. Slowly, I am starting to cheer for Eita when it comes to opponents like Fuji. The double 619 into a bridged German suplex is a pretty sweet combo. Cool that Pac won this match. Wouldn’t really want Yoshino going after the main belt.

    With that first spot alone with YAMATO crashing into the crowd I knew this no ropes match was going to be better than the one in the US. They have much nicer trash cans in Japan than we do. Can’t say the same about their stiff tables. Meh, it’s not as great as I thought it was going to be. Kind of a underwhelming win. Oh well. Poor YAMATO. :cry:

    Loved Akira’s expression after Shingo’s first knee like he’s saying, “neat story”. Despite all of BW’s attack, I doubt J3 would do anything about if they were still together anyways. Kong is getting really involved in these matches. Shingo really doesn’t like that table. Tozawa’s fall out of the ring was pretty scary while Shingo’s flip was awe-inspiring. :o It’s incredible how Tozawa can toss Shingo with such ease. How many chairs did Tozawa have to use to put Shingo down? Great match! Probably my favorite no ropes match yet.

    Would’ve been cool if they did a tornado tag style version of this match. Anyways YAmingo got put down tonight in their rivalry against Dark Tension. Kind of tough to watch since I thought they would’ve held up better than they did. :mrgreen: Pretty smart way to introduce the Jimmyz making the save like despite Shingo not looking too happy about it. They pretty much were already a sub-stable within J3 so they might as well let them carry on.