The beginning of the new format 2 hour Infinity begins today. We have four full matches with a great deal of storyline exposition to go with it. Time to get caught up in the whirlwind of the unit shakeup!

1. Open the Brave Gate – Ricochet (c) vs Naruki Doi
2. Open the Triangle Gate – Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii & Gamma vs Ryo Saito, Genki Horiguchi & Yasushi Kanda
3. Open the Twin Gate – Akira Tozawa & BxB Hulk (c) vs Jimmy Susumu & Jimmy Kagetora
4. Open the Dream Gate – CIMA (c) vs PAC


    what did dragon kid tell saito ryo ? 8-O

    • mastermind

      After both sides agreed that this wasn’t a betrayal, D-Kid thought it was, so he slapped he old buddy in the face and challenged them to a triangle gate match and picked CIMA as his partner, CIMA picked Mochi to be the final guy etc etc

    • reostzombie13

      I kind of agree with Kid. They had the scrolls under the ring the whole time they have the Veterans thinking they were on their team. Not sure Kanda, Saito and Genki would’ve got the title shot without the veterans help. Can’t wait to see the fallout.

  • PuroresuFan

    Brave Gate match is still a little clipped, about 3-4 minutes cut in-match


    i really wish to know what mochizuki theme song means i just keep listing to it with no idea what it says :| i even have the romaji for it XD

  • mastermind

    I’ve seen the new World-1 in their new outfits it’s bad it’s real bad…they’re pink :cry:


    OMG nooo Doi in pink !!! 8-O cant imaging it :|

    • Seth

      You really can’t imagine it after some of the outfits he’s worn in the past?


      oh now it make sense :mrgreen:

  • bjr97

    Are you gonna be able to get the Wakayama show from the 25th on here? and thanks for all the Infinites! You guys rock! :mrgreen:

    • latino718

      that depends if someone records it & uploads it online.that show will only air in local wakayama tv

    • mastermind

      and it doesn’t air until April 8th on said channel

  • PeePReeL

    What’s the name of the song that plays during the Doi segment? I can tell it’s Metallica, but I don’t know the name of it.

  • MrMoonlight

    BxB Hulk & Tozawa vs Jimmys and the Dream Gate champ match may be my two favorite match this far in 2012 for DG.
    As for the pink attire, I mean, Bret Hart was in pink and it was ok. I guess it depends if it is all pink or pink & black (I can’ t imagine pink with any other color).
    What happened with Shingo & Yamato, did Kagetora invite them into the HAGEemee, talked about Kamikaze or anything else? It seems he & Susumu critized Shngo & Yamato but I didn’t get it.

    • mastermind

      now the Jimmy’z challenged Shingo & YAMATO aka TakaYAMA to a twin gate match which the Jimmy’z retained

      Chihiro Tominaga has begged TakaYAMA to form a unit with him so far they’ve said maybe but I think they’ll drag that angle on for a while and finally create a 5th unit and hopefully something else interesting will happen with this possible unit

      btw H.A.Gee.Mee is just the addition to Horiguchi’s name only

    • mastermind

      meant to say no not now* stupid smart-type

  • mastermind

    no wakayama….. :cry: :(

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  • senpuuken

    What happened to K-ness?

    • Seth

      Do you mean in general? He’s been hampered by injuries again. Seems par for the course for this stage of his career.

    • senpuuken

      It is a shame, I am starting to see less and less Toryumon alumni.

  • reostzombie13

    Holy cow, it seems like a whole episode happened in between this one & 251. I get that BW/Mad Blankey is cutting the fat but it seems like they are going too far. Definitely going to ruin the whole purpose of conquering J3 and being the most powerful stable in the company especially kicking out a blue chipper like Doi. Did Tozawa change it because BW was Cima’s baby and he wanted the group to be separate from Cima? Dr. Muscle is back!!! :lol: My best guess is it’s Yoshino.

    Wait, CIMA’s group is called ‘Team Veteran Returns’? :roll: Does is it really need the Return part? :|

    CIMA looked pretty sad when he ‘handed’ over Ricochet to CIMA. :/

    Wow, Doi & Ricochet put on a great series of moves in the beginning of their match. Where did Swann come from? Who the heck is he supporting? :?: I was just as surprised as the commentator to see that back suplex from Ricochet. That wasn’t my favorite Doi cannonball. Really entertaining match. Doi did a great job of putting Ricochet over. Wouldn’t be surprised if Rico had a similar reign to Pac.

    So Mad Blankey is anti-Dragon Gate. Interesting. Cool to see Ricochet go face. Although it was probably the natural thing to do being out of BW/MB. KZY has to be crazy to not figure out Dr. Muscle was Yoshino. Okay I have to admit Doi hugging Yoshino like that was pretty adorable. :) Pac is a great addition to their new group especially since Pac is contesting for the Dream title later. Ricochet should make a new gimmick that everyone he defeats defend the Brave gate title has to join their group. Was pretty confused on why it took Swann so long to be added. He was hanging out during the Brave match. Everyone’s shock at Rich’s Japanese was great. This is my favorite unit formation stable. All the of the groups were either put together backstage or during a recap.

    Genki, Kanda & Saito seemed like they’d be a better fit in Team Veteran. The Jimmyz looked a little desperate, which makes sense since if they don’t get those three they’d be the smallest group. Funny enough the Veteran team with Mochi, Dragon Kid & CIMA than add those other three, they’d become the most powerful stable by default. Wait, Mad Blankey kicks out Doi so they’re forced to lose the Triangle belts? :| Can’t they find a replacement or at least have a chance to win back the vacant belts. Granted having a fake Tanisaki is bad enough plus trying to replace Doi.

    I kind of feel bad that Gamma is always stuck in the triangle matches. No offense to the title but I would think Gamma should be competing for something a little higher than that. As confused as I was by the Genki chant, I’ve definitely missed it. The hairpulling reminds of how Carlito used to always gets his tugged when he had momentum. haha, Saito thinks he’s a bad@$$ taking Fuji’s hits like they’re nothing. Was that a FameAsser by Fuji? :o Oh, you crazy old hoot. Saito’s three amigos was pretty crisp. Mochi getting the abdominal stretch over Saito when all three were trying to put on a submission made me laugh. Was Fuji really looking for help on how to tie up Kanda? Ooh, Kanda looked like he landed weird on Fuji & Mochi’s double team. Holy cow, I thought Kanda was going to die. Nice save and win by Genki. Who was legal? haha

    The new champs looked like they were in too much pain to be all preppy with Mochi. Why did the champs decide to be with the Jimmyz? Only reason I could think of is balance but that’s not so logical from their standpoint. Cool to see the Triangle champs so loyal together making Kanda the deal breaker. Of course the Jimmyz will take Kanda. Better that than being trapped all alone. Were the scrolls revealing their official name change? Those punks had this planned the whole time. The visual presentation during this promo was great!

    Ooh Tozawa’s chair throw looked vicious. Oh crap, Kagetora not looking good bleeding. Tozawa/Hulk sure know how to work a guy. Tozawa is taking a lot of spike DDTs. Love how the ropes are playing leverage in this match making guys turn upside down after any kick. Dang you Susumu, Iwas hoping for a german suplex doomsday device combination. Tozawa’s elbows are looking sharper and sharper. Iwonder how elbows he had to take from Hero before he learned the technique. Akira should’ve had that pin but Susumu’s little nudge was too strong to keep it going. Wow, that was a quick pin. I was even shocked it even after the bell rung.

    251-Blood Warrior are better than everyone! 252-Mad Blankey loses all the belts. See the difference between the two groups. Poor Tozawa, it’s all his fault. It’s always tough to see YAMingo getting talked down to. Those two should be able to run the company if they wanted to but they keep hitting a series of unfortunate events.

    Very cool to see these CIMA/Pac going through the basics in the beginning as smoothly as they did. Cima’s technical lucha style is super unique. Don’t know what contraption he put in Pac but it was cool. Pac’s selling is super good for a high flier. Anything offensive with his leg he’ll show it’s still in pain after the work CIMA did on it. Did CIMA just do Kakashi’s copycat move with those flips. That was crazy. Mini-Meteora? When CIMA was slipping getting to the top rope, he was going so slow that Fuji could’ve probably stopped him :P That piledriver looked so awkward. At that point Pac looks practically dead. Good match and great series of moves by these guys.

    What a great way to introduce the two hour format. New stables and new storylines. Stinks to see my favorites get buried but I’m sure they’ll get their revenge. Excited that there’ll be a triple threat triange match. It’s had to been a bit since we’ve gotten one of those.

  • Kieran Thomas Giles

    Was there a PPV in the middle of these two episodes?

  • Kieran Thomas Giles

    Also when did genki,Ryo and Kanda get the triangle gate titles