In an effort to build more community spirit and get you just that little bit closer to all the action, I am happy to say you can now follow us on Twitter (@opendragongate) and  like us on our Facebook page. Isn’t technology exciting?

We’ll make sure to keep it as enjoyable as possible so those follows and likes don’t go to waste. If for some reason you lose this post and really must find our social networking presence, be sure to use those two new lovely links in the menu. You can always count on us!

You can now login to the site using Facebook, Twitter, Google, OpenID or continue as normal with your WordPress login. Who said the future was scary?


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  • reostzombie13

    Not sure where to put this so I’ll put it here but I love what you guys have done to the background. So cool how it flips every page and the quality is top notch. :D

  • Seth

    Thanks! :)

    Many improvements coming to the site in the coming weeks.

    • uchouten

      hey seth how do you delete old comments?

    • Seth

      You guys don’t have that ability right now. Hopefully that will be a feature coming later.

  • I like the new backgrounds as well. Nice touch.

  • mastermind

    hey seth I got a friend request for this site and when I click the link it says No Requests Found :?:

    • Seth

      Yeah that was me just testing something. Please ignore (for now… dun dun dunnn).