THE GATE OF PASSION 2012” 4/19/12
Kobe Samo Hall

1. Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk & Cyber Kong vs Masato Yoshino, Ricochet & Eita Kobayashi
2. Naruki Doi vs Jimmy Kanda
3. Shingo Takagi & YAMATO vs Don Fujii & Kotoka
4. Mask & Name vs. Music: Chihiro Tominaga vs Mondai Ryu .
5. CIMA, Masaaki Mochizuki & Dragon Kid vs Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee !!, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito & Jimmy Kagetora

Also, for those that want to follow the KING OF CHOP!! at home, here are the 1st round pairings:
-A Block-
CIMA vs. Jimmy Kagetora
Don Fujii vs. Rich Swann
Eita Kobayashi vs. Mondai Ryu
Cyber Kong vs. Naruki Doi
-B Block-
YAMATO vs. Kotoka
Naoki Tanisaki vs. Super Shisa
Akira Tozawa vs. Masato Yoshino
Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Shingo Takagi




  • mastermind

    awesome episode

    awesome new format

    awesome news, in ZERO-1 today Jimmy Susumu & Jimmy Kagetora won the Z-1/NWA Lightheavyweight Tag Team titles


    why did they mentioned Kzy at the end ?

    • mastermind

      the winner demanded CIMA’s spot in King Of Gate which is against Kzy, CIMA was saying something like facing Kzy isn’t that great of a prize, something about never call him kzy san, and some other stuff I couldn’t understand my japanese isn’t very good


      well then am 100% agreed with cima XD

  • latino718

    i have to say.when i first hear about this concept,i wasn’t thrilled about it.but after watching it.i enjoyed was fun to watch

  • RandyNoKachi

    a great episode , King of Chop sounds like a shit idea on paper, but it DELIVERED

    • mastermind

      and they managed to put 2 youngsters over big time!

    • reostzombie13

      I really like this movement with the younger guys. Before I could careless to know their names and now this episode they all have had a chance to show what they got. I knew had Kobayashi had some powerful chops seeing Susumu go down in pain in a previous Infinity episode.

  • I wish Youhei Fujita was still around during this torney. he was a hella chopper too.

    • uchouten


  • They should’ve called it King Of Slap, more about slaps than chops. Definitely something…different. Once I got into it and figured it out it was quite entertaining with some great comedy at times. Shisa’s no-chops were hilarious.

  • Pos

    Now Tomahawks chest matches his facepaint , awww

    • Seth

      To be fair, he really impressed me in this. Mostly because although his entire gimmick is based around chopping, up to this point he’s been extremely underwhelming at it.

      Plus he and Shingo were actually the only two that CHOPPED.

    • Pos

      agree, KAGE chopped aswell

  • steveperry

    I really want to see a singles match between Masaaki and Kagetora

    • Seth

      You know what, that actually might be really entertaining.

    • reostzombie13

      Back in the late 230s it seem like Kagetora has been getting a stern push. He’s gaining success with the Twin titles but I’m surprised he hasn’t had an opportunity to go after the Dream title

  • reostzombie13

    I don’t get how they can air all this extra stuff. :| Can they still get decent ratings with the commentators just bsing with each other. Recap is important but I can alwayss see myself jumping in 15 minutes late since 3 hours is long enough.

    Okay maybe I needed that recap, when did Kong get a key to the Dream Gate. They’ve been pretty good on letting the fans know with the time extension and the Cima Royals. Is Kobayashi a prospect of W1I or is an actual member? Just asking because he isn’t wearing the black & pink. I’m liking Yoshino’s spontaneous suicide dives. Tozawa’s random screaming reminds me of Brian Christopher’s laughs except way less annoying. Of course, Tozawa would use spanking as a way to escape a single leg boston crab. 8) Oh no Tomohawk is back. I think I liked more when he was impersonating Tanisake. Yoshino lifted Kong way too easily for that suplex. The way Ricochet sold BxB’s kick bouncing his off the mat like a tennis ball was sick. Dang, Tozawa has been pretty stiff with Kobayashi. Pretty cool opening contest.

    The hell? Why is Cima wearing a glove? That has to be cheating.

    Poor Swann. There are many great benefits of being a gaijin in Japan. A chopping tournament against Fuji isn’t one of them. Swann’s facial expressions are too great.

    Kobayashi should have this contest in the bag.

    You could tell Doi was in for it as Kong gave him a ‘that’s cute’ 8) smile. Kong’s chops weren’t that great though. I hope he doesn’t make it far in the tournament.

    Wow, where did Kotoka get that first chop down? I’d think this would be an easy one for YAMATO.

    Didn’t realize how big Tomahawk was until this episode. 8-O

    Who knew Yoshino had it in him? I would’ve though Tozawa would’ve did much better.

    It looked like Shingo was cheating with two hands. Mochi definitely had the better chops. They were so loud.

    Doi’s reverse kick against Kanda looked like something out of the Mortal Combat game. :mrgreen: That cannonball on the 2nd rope always looks great. Good for Doi getting the victory. It sucked seeing him get pounded like that but cool that he got the win because of his technical prowess.

    Fuji & Kotoka teaming is kind of odd. Haha, funny to see Fuji launch Kotoka at Yamingo and have him go off like some mad squirrel. Poor Kotoka. Bless his heart for trying. Fuji’s no selling is brilliant when it comes to chops. What? YAMATO was scared of a Fuji dive? Give me a break.. That screaming contest was pretty funny. It took Yamingo way too long to handle Fuji. Really entertaining match. It was great to see the contrast between all the different levels of experience.

    Kobayashi seemed way to excited to get in the ring with Kong 8-O . It was pretty funny how he moved his tassels out of the way before the chop. Where did that kid learn how to do his chops? Damn

    YAMATO! You disappoint me. :( With the way he could barely handle Kotoka, it was probable he wasn’t going to make the 2nd round.

    If Yoshino took out Tozawa, he better take out Mochizuki too. Wow, it was a pretty close contest. Thought Yoshino would’ve had it in the bag. I’m sure Masato would’ve had it, had he not botched that final one.

    Dragon Gate has put a lot in Mondai. It would be a surprise if they made him drop the gimmick already. Did Tozawa really pull Tominga in front of the ref that they are trying to distract. Reminds me of Junction 3 all over again, where the bad guys pull all these cheap tactics while the good guys just watch stare sadly. Really Yamingo? The only thing you can do to help your stablemate is try to wake up the ref? Gyah. Mondai’s airplane bit is pretty funny. A superplex is not a brainbuster.. Yes! I’ve missed the stable run throughs. Nice to see Yamingo finally get involved like that. Probably a pretty defining moment for Tominga, proving himself to Shingo & YAMATO. Probably why the two held back because they wanted his to prove what he could do by himself.

    Poor Shenlong. Should be a big moment for Tominga to try to get him to join Akatsuki and he got barely any reaction. Dude looks and sounds like an alien. Holy sh!t Tozawa’s pissed. What about Mondai’s mask?

    Why wasn’t the main event for the Open the Triangle belt? Isn’t that how this whole dispute began? Yeah, the Jimmyz need to giveup on the rubber band bit. I keep forgetting when Mochizuki is in these matches. Guess, he’s suppose to give a lasting effect because of how he won within a few moves. Meh.
    Why does Mad Blankey have to ruin all the fun? It was all to re-introduce King of chop. Doesn’t really seem like something for storylines but I guess it’s always good for bragging rights,

    Crap, now it’s time for Kobayashi to prove himself. Holy cow, he even made Fuji tap. That’s crazy.

    Haha, you can tell it was hard for Tomahawk to no sell for Mochizuki.

    Wow, who would’ve expected those two to be in the finals? It’s pretty exciting. Actually, it’s pretty tough to watch. Haha. My god, how long is going to take to heal from this. This is why puro is awesome!!! Is Kobayashi :cry: because of how big of a moment this is or because of the sting? Has to be because of the sting. That promo in the end seemed pretty intense. Guess Kobayash earned the right to talk up to CIMA. Does he have cauliflower ear or something?