May, 10, 2012
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,700 Fans

1. Kotoka & Eita Kobayashi vs. Chihiro Tominaga & Super Shenlong III
2. Jimmy Kagetora & Shisa BOY vs. PAC & Rich Swann
3. Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito & Jimmy Kanda vs. Super Shisa, Kenichiro Arai & K-ness
4. King of Gate – Round 1 – Jimmy Susumu vs. Dragon Kid
5. King of Gate – Round 1 – YAMATO vs. Shingo Takagi
6. Open the Triangle Gate #1 Contendership – Cyber Kong, Fake Naoki Tanizaki & Mondai Ryu vs. CIMA, Masaaki Mochizuki & Don Fujii
7. King of Gate – Round 1 – Akira Tozawa vs. Naruki Doi
8. King of Gate – Round 1 –  BxB Hulk vs. Masato Yoshino




  • whats up with CIMA and the greek flag?

    • mastermind

      He met a woman in Greece and ended up marrying her

    • latino718

      really? i didn’t know that

    • mastermind

      yeah it was either that or they got married in greece or he proposed there I can’t remember

    • GallariaIchiban

      Actually, his wife is half-Japanese half-Greek. They met back in the before time of 2003 when CIMA threw the first pith at a SoftBanks Hawks game, he proposed in 2005, and they got married four years later. Pretty sure his family spends half their time in Greece and half in Japan, too.

    • reostzombie13

      Thanks a lot for that tidbit. Not the most common info.


    kanda and ryo :mrgreen: i laughed so hard at that match XD

  • GallariaIchiban

    Also, DAT PURIKETSU. Best Infin ever.

    • mastermind

      yeah this really was a great episode, loved when all 5 units came to the ring at the beginning and at the end their possibly could be a 6th forming

      finally DG managed to fit practically everybody available into one big story

  • For those wondering, the guy with the shades & street clothing is Larry Dallas, manager of The Scene in DGUSA & the US indies. He’ll be in Japan with DG for the next month or two and be with Mad Blankey.

    • mastermind

      Yeah…seems like a pointless waste of money to me, he doesn’t speak japanese, he can’t wrestle, none of the Mad Blankey members seem to enjoy his company while he out there (or care to even fake it) so really why is this guy there? and should we care?

      (DGUSA is ass imo)

    • reostzombie13

      During a DGUSA show they mentioned during Tozawa’s time in the US he stayed with Larry Dallas, which is why Tozawa is so foul when he speaks english. I’ve seen Dallas with the Scene but he was barely noticeable. DGUSA is pretty blah with the lack of storylines but they have helped DG find Ricochet, Swann & Brodie Lee.

  • It’s the experience, working agreement and all that good stuff. But htey could’ve just sent Rich Swann back, I can’t stand his entrances.

    For those who care…Jimmys retain NWA Int’l LW Tag Titles in ZERO1 today. :)

    • mastermind

      Don’t see how standing there and having no idea what people are saying gains any experience for a non wrestler

      Rich Swann is awesome but yeah the beatbox theme is played out, he should sing mochi’s entrance in english and play it on the guitar for his entrance

      I only care that the Jimmy’s retain because I want Z-1 to be good and Takufumi Ito & Mineo Fujita as champs would be awful

  • Ito’s only there because of his buddy Hidaka.
    Few notes for tomorrow (5/19) via DG official website:
    KOG Final is Tozawa-Horiguchi. (If Tozawa loses I’ll be shocked)
    CIMA Royale set for next Dream Gate shot.
    The show will likely be the next Infinity, first airing is 6/1 and the event will air in its entirety.

    • mastermind

      256 is is the semi’s of KoG it airs 5/28, 257 is the finals (prepared to be shocked) it airs on 6/1, then 6 days later we get a live korakuen, 259 is 6/9 and 260 is 6/10 they air on 6/20 and 6/21 (back to back infinities!!!)

  • Ant2244

    I am a new member here. As far of the spoilers for the winner of the king of gate, I am a happy man :twisted:

    • Seth

      Welcome to the site. Yeah I have to say I really hoped that this would be the outcome but it still came as a bit of a surprise.

  • mastermind

    I have a bad feeling that if W-1i loses the triangles, we find out PAC signed with the WWE during the BOSJ

    • Seth

      *shrugs* We all know it’s just a matter of time. PAC is great and all but it’s not like losing him will be the end of the world. Swann will probably start to get a bigger push if that happens anyway.

    • mastermind

      yeah but I just hate what the WWE does to people, their style is so boring and safe it’s not fun anymore

      plus with the possible Alex Shelley signing and the Cruiserweight show actually seemingly coming to light wouldn’t be surprised if they snatched Rico & Swann eventually as well

  • steveperry

    I cant find Dead or Alive 2012 anywhere on the internet. Did that show disappear? More impressed with Eita every time I see him, and Tominaga…well he made it into Dragon Gate, good for him, they finally found a jobber for Kotoka

    • latino718

      DOA 2012 wasn’t recorded.hopefully when the dvd comes out,someone will rip it and upload it online.speaking of dvds,the MEMORIAL GATE in Wakayama from 3/25 comes out on DVD on 6/16.i hope someone ripped it and uploads it online

    • mastermind

      Rudos couldn’t get their PPV working that weekend, they missed NJPW Dontaku 2012 as well, it really blows I’m hoping GAORA will air the compressed 3hour version like they used to but it’s not on the schedule

    • mastermind

      DoA digest scheduled for 7/27 on GAORA it’s only 2 hours long though….

  • reostzombie13

    When did W1 win the triangle belt? I thought the Jimmyz had it. Guess they explained it, I just can’t follow so well. Ricochet lost the Brave gate belt too. What is going on? Did this all happen at Dead or Alive? Kind of disappointing it can’t be watched. It was such a great show last year. Dragon Kid looks odd with the bath robe. Haha. What’s Mochizuki doing up there? Fake Tanisaki s back? Why? Tomahawk did more than enough to stick around after King of Chop. One would think Dallas could’ve as least wear the MB colors. Not sure what’s weirder, Doi’s pants being down or Tozawa trying to pull down Mondai’s pants to reply. I want an Akatsuki shirt. Now, that I think about where is Gamma? He’d be funny to see in a bath robe too.

    A little odd seeing Eita team with Kotoka again. I thought W1 would want to keep him after his progress from the last show. Shenlong is a slippery little sucker isn’t he? Yeah, Shenlong is a fool for even attempting chops on Kobayashi. Does Kotoka has a unicorn on his trunks? Thought Tominga & Shenlong would be better off because they’re in a group together. Kobayashi thinks he’s the top dog of the lower card and you know what he pretty much is.

    World 1 baby does not work as well as Junction or Ronin, baby. Go Gaijin! Is Swann ever going to get his Owari belt back? Cool to see Rich take it to Kagetora in the beginning. The heck is Kagetora doing to Swann’s leg? It looks like a massage. Oh jeez, he’s going after his injury. It was awesome seeing Pac & Swann mimic each other. Same more but they each had their own way of doing it. With Kagetora, Shisa boy is dead. Cool to see Swann finally back in action.

    What’s with all the miss matching? Where Aichi’s partner Isawa? Wow Genki totally missed. Pretty smart of Saito to attempt to get a pin during the surf submission. Genki really needs to get rid of the handle on the back of his head. Is Genki ever going to learn that rubber band is going to be the end of him. Hey, Kanda is in this match. He does have a nice suicide dive. It always amazes me how high Saito gets his opponents for his german suplex. Haha. Kandagree. What’s Shenlong doing out there? That move by Shisa deserves the win. I would thought the ex-triangle champs have this in the bag.

    Wonder if Dragon Kid still has a problem wit the Jimmyz. What a way to start off the match. Great high flying as usual from Dragon Kid. Loved how Kid grabbed Susumu’s head with a matrix like bend. Susumu learned the hard way, there’s no running from Dragon Kid. What a magnificent flip suplex by Susumu. Those lariats always put Dragon Kid at least a few feet in the air. What a BA, Kid is using a headbutt when he’s getting desperate. This match was a great way to open the King of Gate tournament. What’s with Susumu trying to force the ref to raise his hand?

    I liked YAMATO’s slight smile after he slapped Shingo’s as a subtle way to let Shingo know he’s playing. What harsh clotheslines from Shingo. Really intense match between brothers. YAMATO is really good at getting his butt kicked. Don’t like how the fans are cheering with Shingo even though, I’m pretty sure they are cheer for either side. Nice that slippery YAMATO got the sleeper hold. Surprise they at least didn’t check the arm. Really sucky of Mad Blankey to ruin this moment for either man but I guess it stops the two from fighting afterward even though that wouldn’t happen anyways. With the match Shingo and YAMATO gave alone, they represented Akatsuki well. Mondai doesn’t give a damn Tominga just whooped on him, he’ll start trouble anyways.

    What happened with Kong when he got tagged in? Did he get too scared of Cima and runaway? It’s awesome how anytime Tomahawk or Kobayashi do a chop, it’s a big deal. I know Mondai has been starting a lot of trouble but those nut shots were not cool. Ooh Mochizuki’s drop kick from behind looked brutal. Cool camera movements going with CIMA’s crazy driving. MD is doing their best with what they got but with the star power of Mochizuki & CIMA, there’s no beating them. Fuji could really use the Dragon Gate belt but Mochizuki & CIMA should be doing better things.

    Very smart of Akira. Thought he was just clearing people for his entrance leap but he was doing it for the spot. Hey, Dallas served a purposed by being the ‘plant’. These should be a fun match especially with both of these guys dirty tactics. Doi is so awesome with the way he can do tag moves by himself. Masked girl :/ Ryu still seems pissed about Naruki exposing himself earlier. W1 silver/grey is kind of duct tape color. Being trapped in a single leg crab lock is a not a good time to be doing pushups Doi. :P There’s that Mortal Kombat side kick. Only Tozawa would try to show that he’s a bad@$$ with an Eskimo kiss. How did that nose bleed happen? Tough it out Doi. Fantastic match. The energy these two have is amazing. Not a single match of KoG so far has been disappointing. I would’ve thought this should’ve been main even but we’ll see what Yoshino/Hulk have.

    That spike takedown of Masato’s always look crazy. Never seen anyone seen anyone stand to make a crab submission worst but the way Yoshino was bent it looked effective. BxB’s series of kicks are always tough to watch. Okay, I admit Yoshino did look a little tough when he did the endurance test against BxB’s boots. Was Yoshino really trying to superlex Hulk into Mad Blankey. That’s just crazy. Decent match but I still think Doi/Tozawa would’ve made a better main event but I guess they needed a W1 guy to win so they could call out Team Veteran.

    Oho no, here come Arai/K-Ness & the Shisas. What’s with Swann’s short pants? Haha. What an interesting Doi ending.