1. Naoki Tanisaki vs. Super Shenlong
2. Don Fujii & Shachihoko BOY (Shisa BOY) vs. BxB Hulk & Mondai Ryu
3. Cyber Kong vs. Kotoka
4. CIMA & Eita Kobayashi vs. Masato Yoshino & PAC
5. Chihiro Tominaga, Shingo Takagi & YAMATO vs. Jimmy Kagetora, Jimmy Kanda & Ryo Jimmy Saito
6. King Of Gate 2012 Semi Final – Akira Tozawa vs. Dragon Kid
7. King Of Gate 2012 Semi Final – Genki Horiguchi HAGeeMee vs. Masaaki Mochizuki




  • Thanks again Seth! :)


    cant have enough from don fujii & Mondai Ryu fights XD i cant stop laughing :mrgreen: i love mondai ryu XD

  • Jimmy Kanda with his hair down?

    What is THIS madness? XD

    • reostzombie13

      He looked just like the legendary Great Kabuki. Just give Kanda some facepaint and he could pull it off.

  • latino718

    thanks seth

  • mastermind

    anybody have a download link for me? I’ll be in a car going to vegas this weekend and it’s 9 hours long and I’d appreciate it if I could watch this without internet

    • Seth

      Sorry I can’t offer it for download but there are ways to download Vimeo videos from sites. A quick google will probably solve your problems.

    • Seth

      It looks like it’s on XWT now anyway. Dunno if they took it from me or not but whatever.

    • I use DownloadHelper and DownThemAll! (FF plugins) to download the videos. I use DTA as a download accelerator to download the files much faster. You’ll need QuickTime or a program that can play MP4 files to watch it offline.

  • mastermind

    that gaijin puro site is w b trying to sell us shit they stole :evil:

  • latino718

    hey Seth,any word on Infinity 257?

    • Seth

      Should have it up later today.

    • Seth

      Been having issues uploading it all day. May end up being tomorrow now.

  • reostzombie13

    :/ Wonder why they went from the opening rounds of one conference to the semi-finals. :?: Feel they skipped so much. Can understand time restraints but they’re extended to three hours. At least they could’ve shown the matches of those that made the semi-finals. I also wanted to see Kobayashi’s match since he did so much just to get into the tournament.

    Fake Tanisaki makes it so obvious how tiny Shenlong is with that suplexing back and forth. I used to really dislike Tomahawk but after King of chop :twisted: I really think he should kept being Tomahwak. Don’t get the point of being fake Tanisaki anymore if there isn’t champion he has to substitue for.

    Fuji doesn’t look too excited to be with Shisa Boy. :/ Actually he looked way more excited to meet the random fan. Don’t know why they do these random pairings when these guys are in stables. Great heel start with gang like jumping. The guy Shisa is playing seems to be off his balance as almost lost that hurricurrana he had on Hulk. I like the Mondai/Hulk slap & kick combo. Wow, Shachihiko is getting his butt kicked badly., Fuji really needs that hot tag. That blind moonsault was the best I’ve seen in a bit. Usually they go too far. I knew once BxB got in there it would be easy work.

    Spinning Brock Lock..8). Pretty big moment how Kotoka got that luch ddt.Yikes, Kong’s elbow looked massive. Oh my god, Kotoka with that pin. Kong is in another big rut again like he was after being kick out of the Blood Warriors. I can see him being forced to join another unit to redeem himself. With the way everyone is declaring they’re going to be in the Cima Royales after their wins, it seems like these are qualifier matches.

    Interesting to see Kobayashi win the opening sequence against Yoshino. The crowd is very much behind him. The hell! Did Pac & Yoshino just make a tag in the ring? Hasn’t these two been tag champs before? Guess tags don’t mean much in DG but still. :/ Haha Cima’s so funny trying to point up as if it wasn’t him who broke up the pin. Interesting series of headbutts by Pac. Seeing Cima work so well with Kobayashi, it makes me sad some of these rookies aren’t in a stable yet. Keita’s chop was an awesome way to break Masato’s submission. In the end, Pac & Yoshino had better chemistry. The big portion of the battle appeared to be about the leaders of the stables between Yoshino & Cima.

    Cima looked a little too serious when he was talking to Keita. Guess coming from a veteran, they always want to hand over lessons. Going over to Mexico is a very big deal especially since that’s where Dragon Gate & Cima’s roots are from. Should’ve made him count to 20. Not a very exciting promo having a guy count to 100. I hope Keita isn’t gone for long. I was just starting to like him but it could be helpful for him in the long run.

    I always expect the Jimmyz theme to make everyone break into spontaneous dancing. Pretty surprising Tominaga got the opening cheers over Kagetora. Great endurance battle between YAMATO & Kanda. Too bad Kanda had the size to beat him. Tominaga has to hit the weights if he can’t lift Saito.
    With Kanda’s hair down he reminds me so much of Great Kabuki. Goodness, Tominaga is practically dead. Ho damn! Shingo gets the hot tag initiating beast mode. What is going on? YAMATO is scared of Saito and so Saito spanks him. He must have announced a move I don’t quite know. What a cool cutter setup by Shingo and Kagetora. It’s really great to see Yamingo work together when they have the blood flowing. Wow, awesome triangle match. Probably my favorite match of this episode so far. Damn the Jimmyz for winning. *shakes fist in the air*

    Wow, it looks like Tozawa is taking this match much more serious than usual. Dang this match has been nothing but a gang up so far. Where are the Veterans? Found them. Those robes don’t really stand out in a darker arena. The thought of Dragon Kid face palming someone is kind of funny. Larry Dallas finally serves a purpose and distracts the ref :o Finally there’s a use for those robe with CIMA using the tie to pull kid to the ropes. Why does the veterans keep hitting the poles? I like Dragon Kid’s Diamond Dust. That powder was so obvious. Pretty good energy in this match. Would’ve been happy with either guy winning even though I would’ve been happier with Tozawa. :) Oh my Doi with glasses.

    Of course, Genki needs a cheap head start against the likes of Mochizuki. Horiguchi’s almost have no effect on Mochi. What a weird side hurricurana by Genki. That reverse piledriver did look pretty brutal, though. Wow, that brainbuster came out of nowhere. I think Mochizuki gave a better backslide than Genki did. Guess, Horiguchi winning. Masaaki sure sold the shock. I don’t like it. Genki gets killed ¾ the match and some corny chants his backslider gets him the win? Psh. One can see the emotions pouring out of Genki afterwards. Probably a really big deal making it this far compared to his many triangle championships.