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  • mastermind

    They didn’t rip Dead or Alive :cry: :cry: :cry: (or Dontaku :cry: :cry: :cry: )

  • People still actually use IE? It’s 2012, get Firefox already! (The only reason IE is still on my PC is because I need it for one work-related website, geez)
    PS-Mark 6/6 on the calendar for Pac-Prince Devitt in BOSJ. Should be a can’t-miss.

    • Seth

      Yeah I agree with you (although I’d replace Firefox with Chrome) but unfortunately there are a LOT of people visiting this site that use IE. It’s still very popular in Asian territories after all.

      I’ll try and have the PAC appearance in BOSJ up when it happens.

    • mastermind

      We might not get it Rudos has been having trouble with their feeds plus day 1 (PAC vs Liger) is on a new network TV Asahi Newstar, PAC vs KUSHIDA will be on Samuraitv, PAC vs Gedo will be on JSports and theres a korakuen hall show which will broadcast on samurai that happens to be PAC’s day off (but that day features Low Ki vs Davey)

    • mastermind

      whoops I guess purolove forgot to add Pac vs Devitt to their 6/6 lineup