As many of you are surely aware, New Japan’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament kicked off last week, with Dragon Gate’s PAC heading into the first round against wrestling legend, and former Dream Gate champion, Jushin Thunder Liger!

I won’t be posting the whole show since this isn’t a New Japan site, but check out our British hero take on one of the best of all time. Where possible I will aim to post each of PAC’s televised matches as he progresses.

  • davidpetito

    this will be good :mrgreen:

  • That’ll mean 3 or 4 matches at best: The remaining TV events with his tournament matches & foes are 6/2 (KUSHIDA), 6/3 (Gedo) and 6/6 (Prince Devitt, the one I absolutely have to see if I can get it), and also 6/10 but his match won’t be known until after 6/9.

    • mastermind

      I think because PAC is so highly regarded compared to rest of the juniors in this tourney and because Dragon Gate is a top player in Japan, I would find it hard to believe that he doesn’t make the semi finals at the very least

      I think it will be KUSHIDA & PAC from Block A and Low Ki & Taguchi from Block B with Taguchi winning it all over KUSHI or Ki, Devitt’s mysteriously odd choice of outfit tells me they might have plans for him and Ibushi in the future hopefully as a tag team

  • mastermind

    we could have a prob it’s believed that rudos japanese source has received a cease and desist order from the japanese gov, although since this show was ripped by a different source it could also be that rudos is just having tech problems

    either way anything from these past couple of weeks might not make the internet :cry:

    • mastermind

      djice says rudos had resolution probs with the past two weeks, still unknown if theyre going to fix it or just throw the files away and move on

      (infinity 256 was one of those)

    • clayfox

      On WB it says : “Get ELiTE now for The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale, FRiDAY @ 7PM ET | This Thursday’s Impact Wrestling is live 8-10pm ET, one hour earlier than usual! | Want Japanese Material ? Then Get a Roku 2 XS our app is free with your ELiTE Monthly Subscription | Contact live support if you want voice”

      Seems like Japanese is just for the Ruko 2 XS users….stupid imo.

    • latino718

      or someone could get the show by buying the dvd from Kid ZOMBIE,who’s selling it.then have the person ripping the dvd & uploading it online.
      here’s the link

    • Seth

      Thanks for the link

    • mastermind

      @clayfox, Ice is a subscriber tho, and WB hates him because he gives away for free what they charge for. Ice is a godsend as far as I’m concerned, but it’s hard to believe everything he says sometimes

    • clayfox

      It’s stupid it just seems that they banned puro from regular ELITE users and shoved the japanese stuff to some device that costs 100€…too expensive for just dragon gate imo. seems like i have to get back to torrents or look for other sorces….the stuff is way to expensive too. 7,99$….

      just after i thought WB would be the place to get real cheap prices for real good and early DG stuff…

    • clayfox

      and the thing thata sucks too is that there seems to be no way to ask for the realeses on WB, cause you could be banned for doing it. And the board itself is not very helpful.

    • Seth

      I’ll have 256 up later today.

    • latino718

      thanks a lot seth.looking forward to it

  • dedwyre

    I would love for PAC to win the whole thing. Odds are on Taguchi, though. Since 2008, the loser of the previous year’s BOSJ Finals has gone on to win it, and Taguchi lost to Ibushi last year.

    I do hope it isn’t Low Ki.

  • reostzombie13

    Fun match. It seemed like Pac was going way quicker than Jushin. He avoided some of Liger’s moves before he could even do them. haha.

  • Pac won Block A today on tiebreaker because he beat Prince Devitt in their earlier match. He’ll face Ryusuke Taguchi in the semifinals tomorrow (6/10), the other semifinal is Devitt vs. Low Ki. Ki went 8-0 in round-robin.

    • Pac lost to eventual winner Ryusuke Taguchi in the semis. Taguchi won it all by beating Low Ki (who beat Devitt).