May 19th, 2012
Osaka BODYMAKER COLOSSEUM (Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium #2)
1,500 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Ryo “Jimmy” Saito & Jimmy Kagetora vs. YAMATO & Chihiro Tominaga
2. Jimmy Kanda vs. Eita Kobayashi
3. BxB Hulk & Fake Naoki Tanizaki vs. Shingo Takagi & Super Shenlong III
4. Cyber Kong & Mondai Ryu vs. CIMA & Magnitude Kishiwada
5. Masato Yoshino, PAC & Rich Swann vs. Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii & Dragon Kid
6. CIMA Royale 4 – Cyber Kong, Fake Naoki Tanizaki, Mondai Ryu, Don Fujii, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Jimmy Kanda, Jimmy Kagetora, PAC, Kotoka & Eita Kobayashi
7. King of Gate – Final – Akira Tozawa vs. Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!




  • Davey88

    Aww, I love the Jimmys.

    Also yes! The “UUU” pose is back!

  • seventones

    Good Show. Do you know when #258 will be up? Thanks alot

    • Seth

      Hard to say. If it isn’t released soon I’ll make other arrangements.

    • latino718

      zombie has the dvd of the show on his site

    • Seth

      Yes I know. I’m reluctant to buy from there though as 1) they are overpriced and 2) they are 8 gigs for no reason.

      Will wait and see and if no other source becomes available I’ll buy from there again.

    • mastermind

      you can’t buy from gaijin puro unless your already paying for wBay anyways right?

  • seventones

    If u pay for WB the only way u now get stuff from Japan is to either buy these DVDs or get a Roku. So u have to pay twice. But anybody can just log on to buy a DVD. And yeah its def a Ripoff.

  • reostzombie13

    Funny to see Kanda do the fake handsahke with Saito :lol: . The night thing about the Jimmyz is how light they take everything and not getting mad about the smallest thing.

    Man, if YAMATO & Shingo had to split, I’d rather Shenlong be with YAMATO. Tominaga’s headlock doesn’t look like they work at all no matter how much he attempts to crank them. Haha, it looked like Kagetora just tried to tag YAMATO. Wonder why he walked away like that. YAMATO and Saito have a little history. YAMATO better make sure he puts that ‘no fear’ in action 8) . Oho no he lost eh endurance test again. Kagetora is totally playing the veteran bully. Didn’t think I’d see a dark side to him like that. Even YAMATO was smacking Tominaga up for not getting the double team right. Any time I see heel YAMATO I get excited. At first I thought Kagetora was giggling at Tominaga’s forarms. He sold it for a bit and than the Jimmyz killed him with the double team. Looked like Saito almost hit his head on the rollup. Interesting match. YAMATO made it seem like the match ended too soon. Hmmm.

    Okay match between Kanda & Kobayasshi. Wouldn’t have been too surprised had Keita pulled off the win.

    Odd teams on both sides but maybe the unique styles could create some cool combinations. Shingo & Hulk should be good. They have some bad history together. It seems like MB’s pants are doing more damage to Shenlong than actual wrestlers. :P It’s cute that Shenlong thinks he can give a few taps(chops) to stop Tanisaki and Hulk. Nice leg lariat by Shenlong. He makes it seem easy to get that height. I’m already liking the combos between Shingo & Shenlong. Hulk series of kicks are always cringe worthy. Ooh, too bad MB got the win. I’d like to see more from Shenlong/Shingo as a team.

    I was justwondering what’s Gamma been up to. Don’t know who Cima/Gamma were doing impressions of but they were funny. Cool that we can see this Kisiwada in action immediately. See what the hype is about. The power Kisiwada bring is awesome. It’s great seeing someone out do Kong. Cima’s leg sweep to Mondai’s head was pretty sweet technique. Best parts of the match were when Kisiwada & Kong would face off. Kind of cool that Cima uses a 2nd rope meteora as a secondary move. With all of Gamma’s interference, he didn’t seem that badly hurt. Good thing he’s returning sooner than later. Pretty good match especially for a comeback.

    Has Swann been gaining muscle? Good for him if he has. Why wasn’t W1 able to get the tag with Swann? Haha Funny that Mochizuki was too exhausted to give the 10 punch to Rich. What’s that lock Fuji put Swann in? One legged figure four of some sorts. Did Dragon Kid think he could really hold off Pac & Yoshino? How the heck did Swann get back in there after being beaten so badly. Great win for Swann. Dragon Kid has to be pissed. That belt means nothing, Kid, if you can’t get the wins.

    Sucky that Pac gets #1 just after being in a match. Wow, great opening sequence between Kagetora & Pac. Kotoka not the brightest bulb thinking he could take everyone. Funny as heck that Tomahawk/Kobayashi wanted to go at it with the chops immediately. Where did Mondai come from? Cima probably hates seeing Fuji get taken advantage like that but it’s best he stay out of it. Don seems like he could handle himself though. Holy crap, Kong got chopped out. Awesome. Cool that they are keeping count. What is Fuji trying to do besides brawl? Pac’s should technique is an odd way to try to eliminate someone. Why are the Jimmyz going after Saito? It’s almost like a betrayal when there are so many other opponents left. Kotoka gets the sneaky rollup by Kobayashi. I really thought Tomohawk was going to eliminate Pac the same way Kobayashi eliminated Kong. Dang it! Kobayashi put up a good fight against the Jimmyz. I really like they are showing how many are left after each elimination. Cyber Kong is such a prick for clothesling Kagetora like that. Fuji’s pinning move is super effective. I can’t any of the last three winning the belt if they survive this royal. Big moment for Mondai but I don’t see it going anywhere. Oh my, pretty sure CIMA has been put into a coma due to shock. CIMA’s got this expression on his face like ‘What the f is happening?’

    Tozawa has such a face theme song. Usually when someone flips the Figure Four it’s supposed to reverse the pain into a Indian Death Lock. Maybe it’s an American thing. Was Ryu petting Genki like a cat? The beating on Horiguchi did get a little dry. Gues, Genki is in for a battle if he wants the prestigious title of being King of Gate. Can’t go wrong with a screaming shining wizard. Nice to see the Jimmyz mix up that corner stable move. Were there Tozawa chants? Nice! Really high intense match once the stables got involved. Feel pretty disappointed, that Tozawa didn’t win. It’s funny with all of Genki’s shenanigans how serious he can get.

    I get that Mondai doesn’t appear to be a Dream Gate challenger but it’s not like he overcame 9 other guys to get this chance. Makes sense fro Genki to go after the belt. Just wish we could’ve seen the whole tournament because Genki’s rise seems to come out of nowhere. That’s a cold stipulation to make the bad luck Kong Tozawa’s partner. If they lose the twin title match, hopefully that will be Kong’s last straw. Nice Infinity. A lot of important stuff happening. It’s just funny how with three hours, some stuff can still feel rushed.