KING OF CHOP 2nd Tournament

1. Genki Horiguchi HAGeeMee & Jimmy Susumu vs. Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi
2. Dragon Kid vs. Jimmy Kanda
3. Shingo Takagi & YAMATO vs. Jimmy Kagetora & Ryo Jimmy Saito
4. Open The Brave Gate #1 Contender – Rich Swann vs. Super Shisa
5. Falls Count Anywhere – CIMA vs. Kzy
6. Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk & Naoki Tanisaki vs. Don Fujii, Gamma & Masaaki Mochizuki

King Of Chop Pairings
– Naruki Doi vs. YAMATO
– Akira Tozawa vs. Shingo Takagi
– BxB Hulk vs. Ryo Jimmy Saito
– Masato Yoshino vs. Naoki Tanisaki
– Genki Horiguchi HAGeeMee vs. Masaaki Mochizuki
– Gamma vs. Jimmy Susumu
– Don Fujii vs. Super Shisa
– Kzy vs. Rich Swann
– CIMA vs. Jimmy Kanda
– Dragon Kid vs. Jimmy Kagetora




  • Lucas535

    Good show, but why they didn’t finish KOC?

    • mastermind

      they aired 259 and 260 back to back, 260 is part 2 and should be here soon

  • reostzombie13

    Genki is so pumped for his Dream gate title but I don’t think he’s going to be able to pull it off. Speed Muscle against the Jimmyz is going to be great. :o

    That’s :lol: as heck that pretty boy BxB Hulk got Saito to tap.

    I have a feeling Tanisaki is going to lose this tournament because he’s not Tomahawk tonight. He’s fairing very well against Yoshino, who was incredible last tournament.

    Skinny little Genki is going to die against Mochizuki. Good thing he figured that out sooner than later, Kind of looked like he went out to pout.

    Don’t know why Dragon Kid would ever do a test of strength? Kanda looked a little silly in his match lying in the corner and debating with Dragon Kid. Guess, he was just playing possum so Dragon Kid would miss his drop kick. Odd that they are trying to implement chopping into their match. Did Kid almost take himself out with his own chop. :/ Look like it’s going to be tough for him to grab the rope for the 619. Kanda is barely giving any offense despite him going for that eye rake move several times. There were elements of this match I like but a lot of it was pretty dry. Surprised Kanda held out that long against the brave champion.

    YamIngo are too serious for this Jimmy shiz. Why is Saito having a fit? What a crybaby. Of course YAMATO is going to get more cheers. Haha Saito is such a jerk for laughing at YAMATO’s sappy chops like that. YAMATO & Kagetora had an awesome sequence. It was pretty funny to see YAMATO break up Kagetora’s single leg crab so nonchalant. Yeah, Shingo should’ve started if they wanted to do a real chop fest during the match. Takagi is such a beast. Akatsuki has better chemistry than the random assortment of Jimmyz. Great match especially with the short time.

    Funny to see Swann act so calm while Sisha is in a rush to get this match going. Shimying is one way to escape a straight jacket. Poor Swann got trapped half way through. Was that a McGuiness drop kick Sisha just pulled off. Awkward placement for rolling thunder but it still looked pretty good. Sisha knows his ground work. These rolling traps are pretty 8) . Was expecting Swann to get the win but Sisha was schooling him the entire match. Dragon Kid looks unimpressed. How can he not be after Sisha also got the pin over Cima last episode.

    Of course Susumu would do this with his glasses on. Gamma’s tough but Jimmy is really bringing it in this competition. ^ Fuji over doing it, acting like he’s hurting himself by chopping so hard. Haha. The Veterans can be real bullies sometimes. ^ Oho no, Kzy & Swann should be funny. Okay, Swann no selling is badass. Hold strong Swann, you can do it. Kzy has nothing. It’s why he didn’t even wait for the results. ^ Cima is such a beast. Can’t do wrong by making your opponent run away in shame. ^ Just cause of the size I have to give this to Kagetora. Wow, that last chop by Dragon Kid surprised me. Is kid wearing his Junction 3 attire? Really strong of Dragon to last so long. ^^ The heck is Shingo doing? Double chop, he’s trying to over compensate. It looks Shingo has this afterall. Doi’s chops are like little mosquito bites. ^ What was the point of CIMA pulling down his pants? Stress relief? Not going to work against Kagetora. Don’t think he’s going to be the world champ of chopping.

    Kzy’s eye cotact is a little freaky, especially with how crazy he is. Cool of CIMA to switch his blades with a fan. Thought CIMA was going to suffocate Kzy for a second with that thing he put on his head. Haha a sword? CIMA is going more crazy than Kzy is. First time I seen an ankle lock over the railing. Those party poppers hurt. Jeez, CIMA is relentless. Kzy needs to tapout now. That diagonal rope running is pretty smart. Whose satchell does Kzy have? Not the passport! How is CIMA going to participate in DGUSA without that? Was really expecting Kzy to land on the chairs. Wow, now Kzy is bringing it. Plastic chair :?: You’re not supposed to use those in pro wrestling. Like I guessed they’re too heavy to even be able to sit in them. Oh, how nice of CIMA to fix the chair. Using the chair as part of the pin was a nice touch.

    No time to kill for the six man match. Of course Fuji and Tomahawk go into a chopoff. They really should save all that for the King of Chop. Tanisaki did a good job holding his own. Makes me sad Gamma is doing the Blood Warrior pose still. I hope Tozawa isn’t choking. That would make me sad. That splits kick is tough to watch. Fuji is sick! Gamma stop. For his ball’s sake, Tanisaki needs to make the tag. Gamma is a fool for wanting a chop off against Tomahawk. Very smart strategy to lock Fuji & Mochizuki out of the arena. Haha. Just brilliant. Gamma should have no chance now. Silly Gamma leaping to tag no one. Of course Tozawa will have a tough time german suplexing Fuji’s big butt. He’ll get him next time. Wow, big deal for Tanisaki to get the pin. For a reward can he get a real name.

    Tanisaki & BxB Hulk? They should just go after the Open the triangle gate. The Twin belts may be too big for Tanisaki. Were the Jimmyz just goofing around at the end.