King of Chop 2nd Tournament Finals

1. Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, Rich Swann vs. Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii, Gamma
2. Akira Tozawa vs. Super Shisa
3. Shingo Takagi vs. Kzy
4. YAMATO vs. Jimmy Kanda
5. King of Chop 2nd Tournament Finals
6. CIMA, Dragon Kid vs. Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito
7. Open the Twin Gate – Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy Kagetora vs. BxB Hulk, Naoki Tanisaki

  • mastermind

    Wow Tozawa vs CIMA at world Tozawa won without MB too I find that hard to believe but if it is I hope Toz beats CIMA clean at world too

    • Seth

      Well I know what you were saying before, but this really is the only way and I don’t think anyone else was surprised. Like I was saying, the match needs to be clean, and I think it will. I really think they will put Tozawa over here. They’ve been wanting a new young star for ages and they’re really pushing the young talent. Tozawa going over makes perfect sense.

      What I can see happening, which will be a shame if it does, will be MB involvement but Tozawa fighting them off because he wants a clean match which will lead him down the road to becoming a face. MB have been called out as a super weak team so many times so them disbanding or being shaken up isn’t that far-fetched. Probably there will be a new leader. I’m gonna say Mocchy and maybe someone else from the Veteran Army. Maybe more than that.

      Either way, Tozawa vs CIMA is pretty much the best World main we could hope for I would say (based on the assumption CIMA is champion I mean).

    • mastermind

      I know it makes sense and logically it was the right move to make. I just bet on history repeating itself which it usually does in Dragon Gate. They are pushing the young talent but other Tomahawk’s 2 day reign as twin champ no one other than Hulk & Toz has won a belt. CIMA could still win at world and I wouldn’t be shocked if he did. However if you’re prediction came true I would like to see Cyber boot Tozawa out and invite Akatsuki to join with them which in turn would upset Hulk and he splits away too.

  • reostzombie13

    Is Gamma salsa dancing to start this match? Swann usually has some of the best selling. This seems to have so much comedy but that can’t be helped with Doi, Swann and Gamma. Why is Gamma so smelly? How awful. Good to start seeing Yoshino kick butt and get things going. Poor Swann. It seemed like he had so much momentum against Mochizuki.

    BxB’s chop may seem like it may hurt but Shingo’s technique is too crisp. It is a little annoying how Shingo keeps resorting to the double hand chops. ^ Mochizuki may have the feet of steel but Tomohawk has the hands of steel. Somehow Masaaki’s facial hair makes him look younger. Wow, blood. You could barely tell with the way Tanisaki sells. Okay the last one from Mochizuki looked pretty bad. Glad the fans were honest with who won that contest. This is really the only way for Tanisaki to get put over. ^ Susumu is in trouble if he gets hurt by his own chop. Meh, Fuji’s wasn’t that great. It would truly shock me if Jimmy made Fuji submit. Haha, Fuji can’t help but sell those chops. Fuji’s last chop was too wide. ^ Jeez, Swann does not look in good shape. I think Rich’s chops are more effective while Kagetora’s is more loud. Don’t think Swann wants to go to the next round.

    Haha, Tozawa messing with Shisa’s fur is brilliant. Wow, little surprised to see Akira going full out with a chair for someone like Shisa. Shisa might as well give up to the single leg crab. There’s no chance for him in this match. Shisa develops a comeback with that McGuinness dropkick. That clutch like arm lock Shisa pulled out was pretty crisp. Almost believed he could’ve had it. Piledriver? Where is this coming from. Guess Tozawa wasn’t underestimating him by using the multiple chairs. It’s weird hearing boos on Dragon Gate. Damn Kzy had to go through so much effort to get a DQ. Felt a little odd about this match. Akira should be able to beat Shisa but that pinfall seemed to be a three. It’s like Tozawa kicked out after 3.

    Guessing that a Jimmy sign Kanda is bringing with him. Kanda appears a bit more serious than usual. It seems like we’ve been getting a lot of these two lately. Yeah, it just feel like these two are doing the same match as last time. What the heck? Don’t care if Kanda is bigger. YAMATO should be stronger. YAMATO tired just looks like he’s dancing. Hmm. Did YAMATO take a sip of that ladies coke? Kanda going for springboard is weird. Doesn’t seem like Kanda is getting along with the crowd even if being a part of a well like team like the Jimmyz. Can’t believe all YAMATO needed was his spear. Seemed pretty simple for all the effort Kanda was putting in.

    Looks like Kzy is in for another butt kicking just from another stable. Why would Tozawa bring Shingo in front of the ref if he’s cheating. Smart of Kzy to make Shingo fall for a chop contest. Not sure why they’re so excited to do chops outside of the actual King of chop tournament. With a burst of adrenaline Shingo presents his true strength. Haha, Kzy thinks he’s so funny. Dude’s going to lose his head. The ref can’t at least scold the Mad Blankey members for attacking Shingo during the match. Nice dominant finish by Shingo.

    Ooh, Shingo’s first chop sounded tough. Very impressive of Tanisaki to make it not seem like that. Tanisaki is certainly being tested. ^It’s not good to have a chop contest before you have a Open the twin gate championship match. Kagetora should’ve kept his glasses on. Kagetora’s chops are like a pimp slap to the chest. ^ It’s funny these two are in the open the twin gate championship later. Guess this could be a preview of sorts. Kagetora is tough but I never seen him as being a possibility for King of chop. Kagetora’s chops can’t simply be no sold. It kind of feels like Kagetora is overselling it. That upper region area burns if hit right. This chop contest is too long. Give them mercy. The crowd is cruel for not choosing a winner. Jeez, Kagetora’s neck might as well be purple to match. Well one can’t claim these two don’t have the fighting spirit. That’s garbage. Is Tanisaki always going to be runner-up in these?

    Seems like Genki is still determining his time when he’s supposed to cash in his King of Gate match. Haha, about time the rubber band spot got reverse reverse. Was truly wondering why Genki kept doing it. Also, when Genki’s name is so long, I assume there’s a third Jimmy on the team. That rolling sequence by CIMA was beautiful. Saito sure knows how to suplex. Three rolling fisherman suplexes. Cool. Fans just love that HA GeeMee chant. That catch German suplex always looks so dangerous. This quite a fun tag match. Dragon Kid almost reached the ceiling with that super super hurricurana. Double knee? I want to hear Meteoraaaaaa! Haha, Genki slipped up on his backslide. Three attempts? That’s some dedication. Guess they want to make CIMA look worried for his belt but I doubt he has much to worry about. It seems like there are more and more heel tactics from Team Veterans even though they may appear as jest. I can see them becoming the 2nd heel stable.

    The ‘We are Jimmyz” song is becoming more and more faint. Of course they are still a good tag team but it seems to keep the crowd is less and less interested in the preppy beat. Maybe it’s cause it’s such a serious match. I don’t care if he’s runner up, you shouldn’t do a chop contest against Tanisaki, Susumu. With Tanisaki’s fake blonde hair being on the apron I keep thinking he’s Tozawa. Sorry. BxB is good with his kicks. Mad Blankey is always good for an outside brawl. BxB Hulk’s top to the head kick always makes me shiver. Kagetora has better hops than I thought he did. What the heck was Susumu’s move? A ddt, font suplex, brainbuster combo. Wow, can’t believe Tanisaki did it. Guess it’s okay he didn’t win King of Chop since he has the open the twin gate title. Very enticing match.

    Still feels odd hearing boos from a Dragon Gate crowd. This is a very interactive crowd. With winning King of Gate, Genki has ended becoming the leader of Jimmyz.