1. Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii, Gamma vs. BxB Hulk, Naoki Tanisaki, Cyber Kong
2. Akira Tozawa, Mondai Ryu vs. Super Shisa, Shisa BOY
3. Twin Gate Singles Match: YAMATO vs. Jimmy Kagetora
4. Twin Gate Singles Match: Jimmy Susumu vs. Shingo Takagi
5. CIMA, Dragon Kid vs. Ricochet, Rich Swann
6. Open the Triangle Gate: Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, PAC vs. Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Jimmy Kanda, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!


    YES! YES! YES!
    Thank you so much – I’ll watch tomorrow morning. :)

  • mastermind

    CIMA won *facepalm*

  • mastermind

    man YAMATO gave Kage a giant shiner! I thought the real Tanizaki was Anthony W. Mori for a sec

    • reostzombie13

      Yeah, it was tough to tell it was Tanizaki without his usual gear. Guessing YAMATO gave that shiner to him either with an enzuigiri or his galleria.


    Any update for DG Infinity#263? :)

    • Seth

      There won’t be any new Infinities for a while I’m afraid. Same goes for any new DG content. All sources for new puro has dried up currently.

    • mastermind

      i’m still finding NOAH shows but they’re from June, someone on XWT promised to upload NOAH in Ryogoku after the olympicss


    It was amazing this Infinity :) Guys visit my channel on youtube if you want thanks!

  • takagi

    no new dragon gate makes me a sad panda :cry:

    • Lucas535


  • Because WrestlingbayTV went down and indefinitely remains so. They claim it’s due to money but I sense it’s other reasons (illegal PPV streaming).

    • clayfox

      They never claimed its due to money, they said it is because some attackers dont like what WB was doing, like you sensed ;)

  • Seth

    Word around town is there may be a new source soon. Might have to assume 263 and 264 lost for good though.

    • senpuuken

      How Do you normally find them?

  • reostzombie13

    I enjoy the lady screaming in the background when the brawl ensues. Fuji with a rollup is odd. Usually I’m not one about sanitary issues but Gamma getting his gum was nasty. Gamma seems a bit delayed this match. Hopefully BxB Hulk takes advantage. Seems like Fuji only seems to bully the rookies. Tanisaki better show he’s not one to be taken for granted with his chops. Guess, he can cheat veteran style when he knows he’s in trouble. No, leave BxB Hulk’s pretty face alone. Getting sick of your crap Gamma. Team Veteran really is aiming to break Tanisaki’s neck huh?…and his balls. BxB Hulk makes the save as the old guys are too slow to stop him. Cyber Kong, what is your use? Oh, I guess to exist for Mochizuki corner kick. Sometimes, Mochizuki seems more beastly than he did as the Open the Dream Gate champ. He’s running circles around Cyber Kong. Tag in the ring? Come on ref. Oh well. At least Tanisaki is here to save Mad Blankey. Gamma got ahead of himself there. Haha. Walking right into a powerbomb. Yeah, Tanisaki. Don’t get cocky with Mochizuki and smack his head around. Dude, will make you pay. Actually if Cyber Kong and Tanisaki stuck together that could make a good team :mrgreen: . Wow, Mochizuki’s kick was so strong it almost looked like it was going to lift Kong off his knees. I’m guessing that box still won’t be retired as they’ll just put red tape on it for the next show. Kong using a roll up. That’s almost a bigger shocker than Mad Blankey beating this Team Veterans trio. Guess Mochizuki has no place to tell another team not to chase any belts anymore.

    This’ll be interesting. Tozawa should’ve just came out with the earlier Mad Blankey team to give it better flow. At first, I was confused about Scott Reed being there and thought it was pointless but I think he’s coming along and enjoy his random commentary throughout matches. Shisa boy is going to regret attacking Tozawa like this. Guess there’s some built up grief with how Shisa practically beat Tozawa a couple of episodes ago. If Mondai is going to slide towards the ropes for a pin, he might as well use them to cheat. Tozawa’s taking his time with the Shisa’s but he’s not torturing them like one would think he would like to do. He’s somewhat just existing for this match and letting Ryu do the dirty work. Than there’s the double chair senton! Mondai didn’t seemed concerned as much as he should about Shisa boy getting the hot tag. Shisas are showing why they shouldn’t be taken for granted. Shisa opponents don’t seem to have as much passion as they should when facing them. Shisa combos are pretty cool while Ryu and Tozawa’s chemistry isn’t that great. Damn Shisa boy looked light as a feather with the speed Akira used to lift them.

    Of course Tozawa’s championship should be a Kobe World. When else. He was such an essential part to Blood Warriors winning and the CIMA royale he won was incredible. KZY and Ryu should just do stand up cause all they’re good at is getting heat. When it comes to the match they get destroyed. Atsushi Ichikara is back! Nah but he should stick with that gimmick. Stalker still looks :lol: but I can somewhat believe it if he’s winning. If Atsushi is going to be there, I want a garbage match. KZY usually is good for that. Not sure where Stalker came from but goofball and legend are always fun matches.

    Odd seeing Saito as a goofball. Really used to it with Genki.

    Really hope I can get into this match. Both guys are entertaining but their faces personas are pretty dry at times. It’s great when a guy does a suicide dive so well, they almost over shoot their opponent after they take them down. Forgot about Tominga. That’s okay Shenlong is the one I enjoy seeing in action. Got a little excited that YAMATO was going to fight on his back MMA style. Oh well. YAMATO better do something. He’s getting his butt kicked. Some pretty mean elbows from YAMATO. He’s trying to make a combeback. Hope he can do it. That pin YAMATO rolled up starting from Kagetora’s shoulders almost could’ve been a triangle chokehold. These rollup combos are ridiculous. Glad YAMATO used the Galleria to finish it even though that kind of is a pin combo. It had exciting moments but nothing too intriguing.

    Okay, I guess the Jimmyz must have won the twin belts back during a house show. That gets confusing when one can’t understand the commentary explaining it. Smart of Shingo to slow Susumu down so it would be easier for him to use his power. Jimmy is always aware letting Shingo get ahead of himself so he could lock the armbar. Already this is better than the first Twin singles match. The freaking lariat battle on the outside was great although it was short. Shingo’s getting mad. He won’t be able to do a clothesline at the end of this match. Wicked catch transitioned into a irish curse backbreaker by Shingo :awesome: Silly Susumu jumping into Shingo arms. Guess, he knew what he was doing. Now, Shingo with the armbar. He’s relentless on it too. That’s a bad omen for Susumu to have Shingo take off his elbow pad for him. These two are really expressing how tough they are. What a tight match. Things are looking up for Akatsuki/BattleHawk. They’re especially not looking good for Kagetora’s eye.

    Really pumped about this match. CIMA & Dragon Kid are great in tag team action. Ricochet and Swann have been establishing themselves for quite a few episodes. Should be some hot stuff. I could see Veterans outdoing the World 1 team just to show their dominance. I hope not cause I want to see Swann and Ricochet attempt to go after the Open the Twin gate titles. Well that’s if Ricochet doesn’t get his Brave gate back. Poor Swann stuck facing the best. Wonder what he’s learned being in Junction 3. CIMA may be a light guy but don’t let that fool you, Swann. Cool that Rich was able to get the one up on CIMA by dropkicking him out of the ring. The flip Ricochet did to the outside was incredible. For sure I thought he botched and was going to land on the ropes. Here goes the Spiked Mohicans. Despite Ricochet going face his heel tendencies are good for going against veterans like CIMA. Dragon Kid is back. He’s probably not too happy about that flip kick he received. It’s so surprising to see Ricochet being so dominant. He knows what he’s doing in Dragon Gate. Ow, what a weird armbar CIMA has Rich locked in. Guess it give CIMA the most control. Uh-oh seems like time for some Team Veterans hazing. Looks like Ricochet has some hazing of his own taking advantage of Kid’s smaller size. Haha, was CIMA too lazy to dive to break that up just grabbing the ref’s arm. What is with these in ring tags? Looks like they’re setting CIMA up for the hot tag. What the heck? Swann knew what CIMA was going to pull. That’s why he went out there. Great tag combo by Swanochet with that dropkick. With Dragon Kid’s last hurricurana on Rich Swann, I thought he was going to fall the wrong way. Uh-oh, Team Veterans has some momentum. Getting real nervous about Gamma interfering. Poor Dragon Kid is taking a blunt of the tag combos. Love Swann screaming cause he knows what he’s in for. Leaving Kid alone is not a good idea after all the abuse he’s taken. Though Swann was finally making a comeback against CIMA but he just set himself up for Meteora. Dang. Really thought World-1 could’ve pulled it off. Tough for Swanochet to take a loss like this but no harm in being pinned by the Open the Dream Gate champ.

    Is CIMA giving life lessons of just spouting out about his dominance? He can talk about his personal dominance but Team Veterans took a big loss earlier this episode. Just accept your fate at Kobe, CIMA.

    Dang. Always a sucker for Yoshino’s surprise suicide dives. Try doing your catch german suplex now, Saito. No way after the train World-1 just ran through your arm. Going after Pac’s hair, Genki is such a punk. I think Doi’s kick to Genki’s head killed him. Haha. That’s great; he was just playing possum. So lesson learned. Don’t mess with Pac’s beautiful hair. Pac just sent genki flying like a dead log. That triple fisherman suplex looked great. Figured it out. Yoshino’s singlet should straps are there to be handles for his opponents. Genki & Ryo looking sharp and Kanda is there… to stomp and thump. Great cutter combo by Pac & Yoshino. :) Doi, why you jumping into Kanda’s powerslam? Good sequences. Dang. Ryo finally figured out Pac’s flips and Pac is going to lose his knee because of it. Jimmy coming from everywhere to put down Pac. Saito isn’t going to survive much longer if World-1 runs another train on him. Nice to see Jimmyz be able to change up the corner splash sequence on a whim. Really was worried about Doi there. He should be able to handle Kanda alone. Doi needs to get out after almost being pinned with the backslide. This match turned into a blast as soon as the tag rules were ignored. As always. Great finish by Pac. He wasn’t as prominent as Speed Muscle but knew when to put the exclamation point down when needed.

    Mad Blankey? Guess they’re pretty cocky after Kong pinned Mochizuki. Of course Mochizuki isn’t taking the loss well. Not sure even with the win Mad Blankey got over Team Veterans they’re credible enough to take the Triangle Gate. Well, it’s a fair suggestion by World-1 to give them both a shot since after this episode Blankey nor the Vets are credible enough on their own. Wonder what the poster is. Some sort of sponsor cause of how good World 1 is. Probably not. Interesting though. Poor Genki. He was the Jimmyz only shot at winning. It was a good contest. They shouldn’t be that disappointed. Jimmyz look pretty confused about Tanizaki being there. Blood Warriors? What is that? Tanizaki looks so much older not in his gear. Maybe that’s why the Jimmyz don’t recognize him. Of course Kagetora with his smile couldn’t stick to the joke. Ooh, the bruise is still there on Kagetora’s face. This makes me wonder what CIMA looks like in a suit. He should wear one during the CIMA royales. Nice to see such a happy ending with a new(yet old) member being added to the Jimmyz.