I’m getting a lot of people asking me about when the new Infinities and PPVs are going to be posted and I’m afraid the honest answer is – I don’t know. Unfortunately all sources of Dragon Gate coming out of Japan have dried up since the clamping down that happened last month.

The good news is there may be a new source soon although when this begins I cannot say. Most likely we will miss some shows and my hopes for ever seeing some of the more recent PPVs is slim.

Also, I’m aware of the issues with IE on the site. I’m still working on a fix.


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  • Thanks for the effort you’re putting on this Seth :)

  • mastermind

    A lot of stuff has been leaking slowly but surely, certain G1 days, Dominion and the latest one that you can upload here, Dramatic Dream Gate 2012

    • Seth

      Thanks, I’ll be sure to up that soon.

  • Thx for the news ;)

  • senpuuken

    Thank you for all you do.