July 18, 2012 (Taped 7-6 Tokyo)

1. BxB Hulk & Cyber Kong vs Kenichiro Arai & Kotoka
2. Gamma & Dragon Kid vs Jimmy Kanda & Sachihoko Boy
3. Fake Naoki Tanizaki vs Jimmy Kagetora
4. PAC & Rich Swann vs K-ness & Super Shisa
5. Mask v. Passport Falls Count Anywhere – CIMA vs Akira Tozawa & Mondai Ryu
6. 4-Way Trios Match – Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fuji & Magnitude Kishiwada vs Jimmu Susumu, Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi vs Shingo Takagi, YAMATO & Chihiro Tominaga vs Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino 7 Ricochet


  • How can we download the Infinity Episode #263

    • Use a video downloader plugin-I use DownloadHelper on FF along with DownThemAll (the latter functions as a download accelerator).

    • mastermind

      are either of you going to upload this on XWT? could that would be awesome!

  • senpuuken

    The commercials add to the experience.

  • Hellionjuku

    I totally agree about the Japanese commercials! Always love seeing them.

  • reostzombie13

    Looks like Arai changed up his gear a bit. Still probably not going to like him. Poor Kotoka never knows what he’s getting into with Blankey. Great combos by Hulk & Kong. They actually appear pretty dominant even if it’s against the weakest stable. Seems like Arai isn’t going to take MB’s bully tactics. Nice to see combos from windows but they feel coincidental. Well Kotoka could almost be trusted with the double stomp if he could do it a bit faster. Freaking Cyber Kong destroying Kotoka with that Pineapple Bomb! Not a bad contest even for a squash.

    Poor Kanda being stuck with Sachihiko boy. Maybe I should claim poor Sachihiko Boy. Good wheel barrel combo. Sachihiko seems like a bro at putting himself in those situations. It seems like Gamma gives no funks. Only Dragon Kid could drop the knees and bounce back up with a break-dancing move. Is Gamma saying Toryu? Uh-oh, tombstone on that silly gold fin spike thing. Looks like Gamma is forced to take the lead. 8) He’s not doing bad as long as Sachihiko doesn’t do that fish pose. I like how Dragon Kid just sat on one of the trainees after his flip to the outside. Sachihiko Boy almost crawled away with the surprise win but the Gamma’s Emerald Fusion is too much. Seems like Kanda is going to take out his loss on Sachihiko boy.

    This usually random match becomes a bit more interesting since Kagetora just allowed the real Tanizaki into the Jimmyz. Pretty stiff dropkick in the corner by Kagetora. I know it’s a tough guy thing to just take these chops in an endurance test but the real answer is to not take the chops. Think Mad Blankey saved Kagetora from more chops. Wow, pretty strong of Tanizaki to go back and forth with that attempt at the delayed suplex. It almost appeared like Kagetora was walking on invisible steps with how he was kicking his legs. Wow, how did Tanizaki twist that powerslam into a T. Pretty good. Loved that hook pin Kagetora used after that stiff slap. Like the extra step Tanizaki went through with to make sure Kagetora was down. My biggest problem was that the way he was pinning him, one of his shoulders was up. Sounded like Tanisaki told Kagetora ‘good effort but you got the real fake Tanisaki’

    So much effort by Swann just to say ‘hey’. Pac has one of the best themes. Good to see K-Ness again. Damn Super Shisa has Swann trapped. Ooh, nice reversal *clap calmly*. Okay Swann is in trouble. Looks like it hurts. Is Windows team color purple? Would be pretty cool if it was. Smart of Swann to attempt the pin during the Mexican Surfboard. That just makes me lost about tag rules though. Very nice how Swann is taking the lead with the 10 punch and snapmare. K-Ness almost slipped with his tornado ddt off the ropes. Oooh, double cutter, double standing shooting star press. Swann, don’t ruin the match after Pac just sacrificed himself. :/ Poor Windows. Despite them having more matches than usual they get nothing but losses. Figures. Oh jeez that’s sad to see Pac doing his final goodbye.

    About time we get this match. At least it’s received a lot of build up. It seems as long as the fans are chanting, nothing is going to stop CIMA. Don’t think I’d believe Genki would be a possible Dream Gate champion if it wasn’t for all this develop of Horiguchi pinning CIMA here and there in different tag matches. Oh my gosh, that double stomp should’ve killed Genki. Seems like CIMA isn’t risking it. CIMA took too long doing that uppercut. Good thing Genki took advantage with a tornado ddt. Oh he got the uppercut but not the Mad Splash. Really close match in the beginning. Guess Genki doesn’t need that lucky t-shirt after that strong piledriver. As weird as it is to think of Genki as the Open the Dream Gate champ, I almost find myself rooting for him over the over dominant CIMA. For a second, I thought CIMA was going for a backward Meteora instead of a dropkick. That Meteora was tough to watch but fitting to end Genki’s momentum. Uh, preppy Jimmyz ad seems inappropriate after seeing Genki lose his Dream Gate match.

    I don’t get this passport thing at all anymore. Mad Blankey stole it during a tag match but CIMA got it back so why does Mad Blankey care anymore. Plastic bag? That’s murder. Guess it’s time for CIMA’s daily walking Mondai is such a bad heel. Love the girl’s screams. This sure is a brawl. They’re taking apart the arena. What is that piece of plastic? Tree of woe salting seems pretty torturing. Poor Akira wants to use the help but doesn’t seem to know what is wrong with Ryu. Here they go into the crowd again. Good luck with that table Tozawa. Too bad it seems Mondai screwed up again. Why would Akira jump, you silly fans? Mondai better survive or else Tozawa’s going to beat him. Kind of pissed Ryu didn’t sell that superkick he got tied to the chair. Super weak that Tozawa takes a handicap loss before his ppv match. :x

    Like how Ryu is debating about his mask while CIMA is stepping on it. He’s got a face of a guy who is a crap starter. It seems like Ryu no sells again as he doesn’t even sell any pain after the beating he got. We get it CIMA, Tozawa has no chance. Why do you have to be so mean?

    Cool to see Magnitude back. He was pretty cool. Gosh this match is going to be a mess. Even thought they don’t have the same teams that they will at Kobe I can see Veterans & World-1 being the last ones. Digging Ricochet’s streamline haircut. All the men in this one match could fill up a whole roster. Tominaga looks so out of place there. With the four way head lock I was worried they were going to do the end of show Jimmyz dance. That fool Fuji fell for a 3 on 1 pinned. Too bad he too good at rolling for it to work. Saito and Ricochet are not safe in between a Shingo/Magnitude test of strength sandwich. Cool to see Ricochet out beat everyone with his incredible speed and flexibility. Just going to say they don’t need to another test of strength. Pretty BA to see Mochizuki murder everyone with his stiff kick. :lol: Why is YAMATO playing the part of Tominaga and taking all the bumps. Fuji going after YAMATO makes me wish Akatsuki would go after Team Veterans more. Haha at the food cart going the other way. Do it, YAMATO. Dump Fuji’s fat butt over. Why is Tominaga alone with Mochizuki? 8-O Save him Shingo. Well, at least Genki didn’t die from his hair being twisted this time. Dick pinch? How cruel. Almost thought Tominaga did something right for once when Akatsuki was laying the submissions on everyone. What a bunch of cowards doing a chop off when Tomahawk isn’t around. Cool, guess it’s payback for Fuji. Why is Team Veteran joining on this too? Fuji’s dead. I think I’m okay with that. Jimmyz are to slow at their tag combinations when it took Speed Muscle to do it in a quarter of the time. Poor Genki is always eating that rubberband. At least this time it wasn’t him to set it up only to get reversed. What a twist. No matter what Genki is going to pay. Dude looks so sad. Think Ricochet walking on all the guys setup up for the ultimate suplex to do a dive on Genki was better than the suplex itself. Seems like Genki is really pissed about taking that rubberband instead of Tominaga. Even though I don’t like Tominaga, I have to give him credit for surviving all these bumps. Maybe not but to Tominaga’s credit no one could survive all that. Susumu with a chokeslam? Saito, what are you doing? You can’t trust Fuji. Seemed like that catch suplex setup was coincidence. Mochizuki almost slapped Saito’s face off. This is the kind clutter I was worried about. Glad they waited until one team was eliminated to make it so crazy. Poor Ryo. One man can only take so many powerbombs. Fuji’s german suplex looked like it crumpled Ricochet. Nice to see World-1 get smart and catch Mochizuki on his corner kick. Although I expected either World-1 or Veterans to get the win, I wasn’t too fond of the finish :/ . It seemed like Doi was just there to take the fall.

    It seems once again the dominance of Veterans is going to bounce out any chance Mad Blankey has for the Triangle or World championship. Not sure how I feel about the tag series getting changed to a trios tournament. Dragon Gate is unique cause of trios matches but no trios team becomes as memorable as any tag team. Think of Dark Tension. Is there any chance of a trios team being as good or formidable as them. Guess Dragon Gate thinks they have enough good tag teams. Also when Speed Muscle ask for a tag match, they automatically get it.