August 16, 2012 (Taped 8-2 Tokyo)
1. Block B – CIMA, Gamma & Magnitude Kishiwada -vs- Cyber Kong, Kzy & Mondai Ryu
2. Tag League Member Decision Match – Super Shenlong III -vs- Chihiro Tominaga
3. Open the Owarai Gate Title – Stalker Ishikawa -vs- Kenichiro Arai
4. Jimmy Kagetora -vs- Dragon Kid
5. Masaaki Mochizuki & Don Fuji -vs- Jimmy Susumu & Jimmy Kanda
6. Block A – BxB Hulk, Akira Tozawa & Fake Naoki Tanizaki -vs- Ryo Saito, Genki Horiguchi & Naoki Tanizaki
7. Open the Twin Gate Unified Tag Title – Shingo Takagi/YAMATO -vs- Masato Yoshino/Naruki Doi


  • 9ent1e2

    My English is not good
    Thank you , my hero

  • mastermind

    omg that Owari gate match was actually pretty funny at times

  • cant wait for 265!

  • reostzombie13

    I have a feeling with this round robin style, they’re not going to play a lot of the matches despite the show being 3 freaking hours. They might as was call this the Pac summer tag league since this is all being done cause of him.

    Mad Blankey looks so depressed. MB’s main goal should be to keep the invincible CIMA as far away as possible. Kishiwada and Kong is a nice combination in the ring. Guess grabbing CIMA’s nuts is the only strategy KZY has left against CIMA. Is giving CIMA refreshing water really a punishment? Can Mad Blankey really not protect their salt. I know CIMA is hard to beat but jump him if he comes near your salt. As much as I hate guys being unmasked, it bugs me Ryu put his back on. :x Mad Blankey shows by example with their trio combo how these matches can be fun. Sweet Brock Lock by Kong. Dang, thought Kong was going to show Magnitude whose boss. I think Gamma is worse with his spitting the Ryu is with his salt. Weird, how did Mondai get out of Kishiwada’s powerbomb. Oh, thought they were going to plant a meteora forcing the powerbomb. Still not a bad combo.

    Team Veteran seems mighty proud of their win. All they beat was Mad Blankey’s B squad. Of course Mondai still has something to say. How does he keep getting the mic? Gamma has the right idea. Why does Ryu have to have matches for such miniscule rewards: If Gamma beats him he’s just going to get his own rewards. Pretty much like the passport and mask didn’t really matter since the mask was kept so easily and the passport was just stolen back. Did Mondai just realize his point in life is non-existent and went into depression. I like that their ref doesn’t take gruff but his cockiness annoys me at times. Moochi?

    Does Shenlong III need the nun chucks? I thought he was pretty cool without them. His in ring style is so flashy it’s tough not to get excited when he’s in the ring. Shenlong III better win this. I don’t have much desire to watch Tominaga in the ring. Chihiro’s armbar over the rope may seem powerful but his opponent can just go with it over the rope and Tominaga gets dropped on his head. Funny to see Tominaga get so crafty to get this spot but it seems like his armbar is all he has :/ . Love that leg drop. Think Shenlong III got more air at Kobe World. Nice to see Shenlong III willing to sacrifice his arm to get the spot. Guess the desperation shows in how these guys relies on pinning combinations to get the win. Pretty happy with the result. This match was pretty simple though. Didn’t get the flash I’m used to with Shenlong III. Pretty sure we’ll get that flash in the summer league.

    Haha, that one dude with the paper next to the entrance is so pumped for some Stalker. It seems Arai is taking this match too seriously by bringing his windows support with him. Guess the stables do appreciate the belt like at Final Gate when Blood Warriors laid it out. Arai being too hurt to take the Owarai gate picture is pretty appropriate. Really hoping Arai uses the line ‘You wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses’. Giant fan? Haha. Close call with Arai almost falling between the legs. Going to have to do better than 10. That’s not even funny and pretty average. Hey, I didn’t see CIMA there. He’s smiling. Now, Arai is asking to do stunts. Getting nervous this is will be open the Jackass gate. That little girl looked so scared when they walk over her. Okay, when Arai meagerly rolled away from Stalker’s dive I laughed. Stay still Arai! Guess I wasn’t too far off with the Open the Jackass gate. Eita, why? His corny reaction to messing up made it worth it. What an odd rollup, which I guess is perfect for this match. Please let Stalker keep it. Arai was funny but he had a lot of bits that fell through. Dang. What’s the point of Ichikawa’s existent now. Him and Mondai should create a Vermin tag team. This is the biggest loss to date Team Veteran has taken. Does Arai also have a hardcore championship? Guess they’re worth the same. Kind of liked watching matches like this clipped. It’s got a lot of entertainment but not a lot of must see action.

    Love Dragon Kid’s breaking dancing entrance with the streamers. Dragon Kid has got that Veteran attitude, sitting down taking a break in the match. Like how Kagetora takes advantage anytime Dragon Kid misses. Problem is he doesn’t miss much. It’s cool how supportive CIMA is of all of his stablemates :wink: . He aids them in ways that a rookie should be. Nice of him to make the effort. That final rollup was magnificent. Guess a few errors is one too many for Dragon Kid to make.

    Windows coming out to brag about their Owarai gate win. Whose the masked dude? He looks perfect for the Owarai gate or some mission with Cpt Jack Sparrow. Why should this Masamune guy get a shot at the Open the Brave gave. Guess KZY deserves it for the abuse he’s taken from CIMA. It kind of feels like this all demeans the effort it took Ricochet to get the belt. Hopefully Kagetora or Dragon Kid wins the #1 contender match to keep some sanctity to the championship. The belt isn’t on the line yet but it shouldn’t be open to anyone like Dragon Kid is offering.

    This feels like a filler match. I want more tag league! Yeah, not too pumped to watch this. I kind of wish they could have kept that series of springboard dropkicks going forever. Guess it’s smart to disarm Susume by tearing apart his arm. Mochizuki bringing Kanda 200 ft away from the ring is what should’ve happened to CIMA ealier. Susumu can kick you know, Team Veteran. Why would Susumu lift with his hurt arm? Sure he wants to get Mochizuki off it but there has to be other ways. Good, it looks like Kanda’s done his homework. Guess homework can only work when facing one Veteran but not two. Tough double chokeslam. The camera angle made it look like Susumu dropped Mochizuki right on his head :oops: . It’s fine Susumu bringing out his lariat but he could sell it just a little. That super clothesline looked more like Susumu was setting himself up. Haha. Sadly Kanda was my favorite part of this match.

    Uh-oh, this is where Tanizakis collide. Mad Blankey A squad should be killer. Jimmyz do the jumping this time. Looks like Tozawa’s hair bleaching is coming out. I like the aggression by the Jimmyz. Haha, Tanizaki wiping off the fake tattoo. Nice save by Tozawa. Can’t let Tomahawk’s real identity be revealed. Akira’s enthusiasm always is a spruce of energy with his yelling Shining Wizard. Good Dragon suplex by Saito. Yes fake Tanizaki, show the real Tanizaki whose really boss especially when it comes to chops. Really fun match. Had a nice storyline too. Pretty demeaning way to end the match for the Jimmyz. Cool we’re going lucha with an 8 man tag 2/3 falls. Hopefully Jimmyz Tanizaki gets pinned twice.

    Why is it a unified match? Is it cause Speed Muscle never lost the Open the Triangle belts? Speed Muscle vs Battlehawk. This should be good! Oh no this shoulder spot again. Haha, Doi is so smooth. Thought YAMATO had it only for Naruki to roll it up. Shingo and Yoshino are so good together cause they’re so opposite. YAMATO’s facial expression after getting his legs split is great. Nice to see Doi able to handle Shingo on his own :mrgreen: . Battle Hawk better get their act together. Quite an epic bulldog Speed Muscle planted on YAMATO. Now it’s nice to see a chop fest when there’s no King of Chop happening 10 minutes prior. Doi showing off his strength with that lift off spinebuster to Shingo. What an awesome modification to the doomsday device having a slingblade instead of a clothesline. Uh-oh, Shingo is calling for the lariat. Hopefully the miscommunication doesn’t throw them off. Oh, it does. Why are both teams having such problems communicating. Still a brilliant tag match so far. Pretty crisp tiger suplex from Doi. Would’ve swore he would’ve had the win. Love that none of them can hook their moves on so there isn’t a ridiculous amount of false finishes. Fantastic highly passionate match. Happy to see Akatsuki still with the Open the Twin Gate championship. CIMA should be sad cause I doubt he has any challengers who can take them.

    Interesting stipulation of whoever gets the pin gets a Open the Dream Gate match. Would be great if YMATO can put an end to this Veteran reign of terror. Crowd definitely sounds like they’re on YAMATO’s side. CIMA should be worried.