It was a lonely summer wasn’t it? A severe lack of Dragon Gate, and a severe lack of Open the Dragon Gate.

We’re back. For now. You see I really wanted this update to be a lot more substantial than just a welcome back message. I have been working hard on a major overhaul to the site but it just isn’t going as well as I had hoped. With the influx of Dragon Gate back to our tubes lately I was getting antsy about getting the site finished and was starting to rush things in the wrong areas. So I decided to fix the old site for now just so I can continue to post Dragon Gate for you guys and girls.

So first the good news: the site is back up as you can see. It also (kind of) works in Internet Explorer once again. Everything *should* be as it was before although I suspect some things probably are broken. Unless they are major issues though I probably won’t be fixing them as I want to put all my effort into the new site. When this will be finally coming I’m not sure. Hopefully the wait won’t be too long.

Also, since we’ve been gone I’ve got a lot of new content for you. Now let’s see… where did we leave off…? Oh yes, Infinity 262. That means we’ll begin with Infinity #263! That’ll be coming in the next few days (or maybe even later today if you are lucky!) and we’ll be continuing on with 264 and 265 later in the week.

As expected, there is bad news too. Mostly that the videos still probably won’t work in Internet Explorer. I know, I know, I really should fix this. I THINK the issue is with the fact Vimeo uses iframes for it’s embed code for HTML5 video and IE doesn’t like this. Anyway, I know it’s selfish of me to ask this, but if you want the best experience here (and around the net in general) PLEASE use Chrome or Firefox. You will thank me later I’m sure. Also, the site will unfortunately have to come down once again later as I make the transition to the new site. Rest assured though it will be a fairly quick down time this time so don’t fear too much.

So here we are once again. I hope everyone returns and we can pick up where we left off and you’re not all too mad. The make up sex is going to be worth it, so let’s get it on!


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  • Thank you sosososo much Seth!!! and.. who uses IE these days.. O__o

  • Lucas535

    YES! YES! YES! Dragon Gate is open again!

  • mastermind

    oh man…you have the missing infinities? yes!!! I’m watching 269 & 270 wondering what I missed!

    • Seth

      Yes I have them. I’ve been having some issues uploading them for some reason though which is the reason for the delay. Trying to sort it out.