1. Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi -vs- Cyber Kong & Mondai Ryu
2. Block A – Masaaki Mochizuki, Dragon Kid & Don Fuji -vs- Kenichiro Arai, Super Shisa & Sachihoko Boy
3. Jimmy Susumu -vs- Kotoka
4. Fake Naoki Tanizaki -vs- Naoki Tanizaki
5. BxB Hulk, Akira Tozawa -vs- Masato Yoshino, Naruki Doi
6. Block B – CIMA, Gamma & Magnitude Kishiwada -vs- Shingo Takagi, YAMATO & Super Shenlong III

  • mastermind

    Anybody else think it’s weird when BxB Hulk does that spot where he catches you, does a backflip where he lands on his head, then he no sells it and kicks you in the face?

    It would be an awesome looking move for his opponent to do but the way it is now it’s just plain…weird

    or am I crazy?

  • ryo saeba

    Are the 2012 missing ppvs coming soon or will we have to wait more weeks to see them ?.
    maybe,you ll never be able to catch them which wouldn t be very cool …..

    • Seth

      Chances are good I’ll be able to post a lot of them. There might be some missing though.

    • ryo saeba

      ok nice , so which ones do you have ( dead or alive ? , world ?) and when you ll post them .

      i d like to know because i stopped watching dgate until i can chronogically watch the events , because watching infinity without the ppvs that were on tv before is just pointless for me .
      so , in fact , right now i m still in april 2012 in my dgate viewing ……

  • Do you happen to have Infinity 266 or 267?

    • Seth

      I do but I’m not able to post right now I’m afraid. Hopefully sometime soon.

    • reostzombie13

      Any chance you still can post 266-268. I’m just catching up now.


    Would be awesome if you could catch up with all the Infinity episodes, which aired this month (December)!? :)

    Thank you!

    • mastermind

      you can get those elsewhere the latest episode I have is the Jimmy’z vs Kaettekita Veteran Gun 6 vs 6 elimination match in Korakuen

      anywhere you can download WWE’s and the rest you can probably find them

  • reostzombie13

    I still find it so weird that Infinity can have 20 minutes of setups and what not.

    Of course, Mad Blankey has to get that pre match attack. It feels sad that Genki is wearing his King of Gate shirt even after losing to CIMA but it’s still quite an achievement. It seemed like Kong had a difficult time with the Brock lock but the spinning modification is pretty cool. Ooh, Ryo with a hurricurana. That feels weird. Funny to see Ryu ruin Saito’s move so easily. Looks like Mondai is paying for it with Kong being suplexed on top of him :/ . Yeah, Ryo took enough of a beat down in this match. Usually he’s a bit more stubborn.

    More cocky Mochizuki talking. I could believe Arai and Shisa could get the win together because they’ve made the upset before but Sachihiko seems to be holding them back. That spike piledriver to Shisa can’t be good. Too bad that wasn’t done to Sachihiko instead. What is Mochizuki doing? He’s not fooling anyone by claiming their punches are palmings. Dragon Kid is such a breath of fresh air when it comes to Team Veteran. I could use some Yoshi Tonic right now. Looks like Shisa isn’t completely dead. Probably the most wicked clothesline I’ve seen from Dragon Kid or a sloppy punch. Yeah, Sachihiko has no chance of getting lucha on Dragon Kid. That Tombstone is a big changer for the Windows trio. Damn it Sachihiko almost ruined their combo. Nice catch from Fuji during the Yoshi Tonic. Would’ve loved to see him tap though. Shisa seems to be the only chance the Windows team has to win this match. Some over dominant move on Sachihiko seems fitting for this match. Caught myself yawning a couple times throughout the match. The ending felt intense. At this point with Team Veteran being so cocky I would almost be happy if anyone beat them.

    Not exactly looking forward to Susumu and Kotoka. I like Kotoka’s energy but nothing else stands out about him. Pretty awkward pose by Susumu with his crotch in the ref’s face. :P Kotoka should know better than to challenge Susumu to a stiff off especially after the Jimmys just finished a series of matches with Akatsuki. That was a smooth suicide dive from Kotoka. Interesting to see him with so much momentum. It’s always an odd spot when they’re racing to the top rope and the guy who is met just seems to give up due to shock. A cradle pin seems to be Kotoka’s only chance of winning this match. That last move seemed pretty vicious planting Kotoka’s head to the ground. The kid has so much heart.

    Uh-oh, it’s time for a Tanizaki off. Really like original Tanizaki’s theme. Does the fake one have a rock version of it? He’s too obsessed with rubbing off the tattoo. Guess the towel can make some sort of burn. Without much momentum, I don’t see the real Tanizaki taking this match. Doubt Mad Blankey is going to let him have any too. Why aren’t the Jimmyz around if Mad Blankey is bullying Naoki like this? Guess this is something he has to prove on his own. Pretty luck for real Tanizaki to get that DDT, thought the fake one was going to finish with a powerbomb for sure. The chop to real Naoki’s thigh made me laugh but it appeared effective. Pretty impressive match. Seems real Tanizaki won’t give up. Too bad the fake one has so much power on his side to capture the win. Love how natural this rivalry feels even though it just started. I like the fake Tanizaki and am happy he’s gaining success although I have to give the real one credit for freshening some things up about himself.

    The Team Veteran team should be called CIMA and the block heads.

    Dark Tension vs Speed Muscle should be sick. This seems like a ppv match. So happy it’s happening on this Infinity. Great standoff between Tozawa and Doi. Two of the top performers in Dragon Gate. Now, the teams lightweights go at it. Doi is laying it in good with those elbows on Tozawa. Have to becareful cause if Akira sees that opportunity he’ll take advantage of it. The way Hulk sells that DDT from Yoshino is vicious. Naruki keeps being cocky with Tozawa. That’s going to be the end of him. Guess it makes sense with Yoshino there. Damn Mad Blankey, stay out of this. Dark Tension doesn’t need you. I really enjoy the contrast between Hulk and Yoshino. They both have speed on their side :wink: ; Yoshino with a little more but BxB is an expert at the strikes while Masato can fasten those grappling maneuvers out of nowhere. Haha, now it seems like Dark Tension is just bullying Yoshino with those kicks while he’s seated. Is Cyber Kong serious with that fan while Yoshino is being sprayed in the face? It’s great how they’re building thee hot tag for Doi in this match. Naruki looked like he had Hulks number until BxB laid that series of kicks on him. Even though it’s obvious, I love when Tozawa hits the punch after his series of chops; stupid that the victim ducked it. The double team moves are fantastic here. A cannonball while Hulk is arched. Amazing! Screw you Yoshino, I could’ve watched that chop off forever. Doi got messed up when Hulk reversed that Muscle bomb(?). What an amazing match. The finish came out of nowhere somewhat but I’d much rather have that than a bunch of nearfall. Just fantastic. Got so pumped.

    Haha, didn’t even know Mochizuki was commentating. He’s getting a bit too big for his britches.

    Love how YAMATO & Shingo are taking the initiative to show the new kids the ropes. That chop before the match was a nice little ‘go get’em’. Wouldn’t the mask protect Shenlong from the spit. haha Kishiwada appearing to go out of his way for the test of strength. Shingo is always a sucker to prove himself. Really hope YAMATO gets the best of CIMA in this match. Uh oh, Shenlong is in trouble this match. The veterans hate rookies. Well, Shingo seemed slightly concerned when Magnitude was using the chair on Shenlong III. Shenlong is so little. I get concerned that a backbreaker from Kishiwada or Gamma would kill him. The sound effects are a little much for the Veteran’s kick to Shenlong III’s sternum. Damn, stinks to see the Veterans put the beat down on Shenlong III so much. So happy to see Shingo get the save and get over on Kishiwada. Poor Shenlong III is never going to get over on the Veterans. Guess the third time is the charm with that corner dropkick. Love when YAMATO wraps that sleeper out of nowhere. Could see a little of Shenlong’s green when he almost went the wrong direction with Gamma. Think he’s still holding up pretty well. I’m disliking Kishiwada more and more this match cause I’m such a big fan of Akatsuki. CIMA is too fast for Gamma as he hit the far reach drop kick forcing Gamma to hit him. Well, it’s YAMATO & Shingo’s fault leaving him in the ring for so long alone. CIMA is too cocky I can’t wait for someone to put him in his place. Better be YAMATO.