9/14/2012 Tokyo, Korakuen Hall – 1750 Attendance
1. Gamma, Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!! Vs. Akira Tozawa, Cyber Kong, Mondai Ryu
2. 6 Unit Warfare One Night Tag Tournament Round 1: Kenichiro Arai, Super Shisa Vs. Chihiro Tominaga, Super Shenlong III
3. 6 Unit Warfare One Night Tag Tournament Round 1: Jimmy Kanda, Naoki Tanizaki Vs. BxB Hulk, Naoki Tanisaki
4. 6 Unit Warfare One Night Tag Tournament Round 1: Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino Vs. CIMA, Dragon Kid
5. K-ness, Kotoka, Masamune Vs. Jimmy Susumu, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Jimmy Kagetora
6. Twin Gate Title Match 2 Singles Match Series B ~Falls Count Anywhere~: Don Fujii Vs. YAMATO
7. Twin Gate Title Match 2 Singles Match Series A: Masaaki Mochizuki Vs. Shingo Takagi
8. 6 Unit Warfare One Night Tag Tournament Finals 3 Way Tag: Winners of 2 Vs. Winners of 3 Vs. Winners of 4


  • mastermind

    Are any of 266-268 in korakuen? cuz if they’re not you can just skip them (but that’s just me)

    • Seth

      I’m not 100% sure. I have them but unfortunately for the time being I can’t post them. I think 266 and 267 are just Summer Adventure Tag League stuff anyway. I’ll get them up at some point for sure. Just didn’t want them holding up the (long) backlog.

    • mastermind

      Oh because I always get really excited for the Kobe Sambo Hall shows and usually wind up disappointed so now I just skip them. Nothing has happened in that arena that effects the story in quite some time

      also I saw this episode a while ago if you haven’t seen it, the tanizaki vs tanisaki tag, and the jimmy’z vs windows 6 man (even though crowd shits on Masamune) were ok, the Don Fuji vs YAMATO and Mochi vs Shingo were AWESOME! but the rest is just whatever, I thought the main event was extremely disappointing

    • Seth

      Unfortunately I’ve been too busy to watch most of the episodes I’ve got but I have some things that haven’t been posted publicly around yet that you should enjoy. For example I don’t believe the triangle gate Shachi three way has been yet. That’s a great match.

      Getting up to date will take a bit of time though. But will be more regular for a while at least.

    • Hellionjuku

      I loved this episode! The main event wasn’t match of the year or anything, but I still enjoyed it a lot, and I couldn’t complain about anything after witnessing the awesomeness that was Mochizuki vs Shingo. YAMATO vs Fujii was crazy, and everything else but the opener was good (especially the Tanizaki/Tanizaki tag).

      I agree that the Korakuen shows are almost always on another level to those from Sambo Hall, but there’s still the occasional gem from the latter (like King Of Chop and the CIMA Royale before World). At least one of the missing episodes is a Korakuen, as it features the great YAMATO/CIMA Dream Gate match.

      Also, you’re right that the Shachi Triangle match isn’t floating around anywhere else Seth, I look forward to seeing it.

  • mastermind

    I honestly don’t see what the big deal about Syachi is. Yeah he got into a shape, big whoop, he’s still not that talented to me. I think Kotoka deserves to be pushed passed Syachi based on overall skill alone. I suppose he did work really hard to get into the shape he is now and has been floundering since T2P so I’m happy he finally got a push but I’m not a fan of it or him thus far

    • Hellionjuku

      Yeah, I’m happy their pushing him and I’m pleased he’s upped his game, but I’m still not a massive fan. Maybe that match will change my mind. I’m with you on Kotoka, dude is pretty much my second favourite wrestler

  • Hellionjuku

    Also, forgot to mention how awesome the six man with Kotoka in it was (I thought that was from a later episode, my eyes skipped past it when I was looking at the card). My favourite random match of the year.

    • reostzombie13

      Kotoka is always good for adding a boost of energy to match that otherwise wouldn’t seem like a big deal.

  • reostzombie13

    Wow, big mess in the ring to setup the night. Makes much more sense to start a show like this rather than to end it.

    The super evil forces of Mad Blankey can only be stopped with the combined forces of Gamma, Genki and Stalker Ichikawa? Blankey has fallen. Stupid Stalker. His mistake for having any confidence. Wow, I knew Blankey has fallen quite a bit from their Blood Warriors status but seeing Tozawa take so many of the humiliating bumps was just tough to watch :( . Beating up Ichikawa doesn’t even come close to making up for it. Wow, that turned out to be more embarrassing than I thought. A little fun how close it might’ve felt but still reputations were hurt this match.

    It’s actually pretty cool seeing Tominaga and Shenlong III have chemistry. Does Tominaga have a hole in his shorts? Okay, pretty wicked veteran move to lock both rookies in the octopus stretch. I guess Tominaga doesn’t have a hole just a black spot. Akatsuki got squashed pretty fast when both Windows made it to the ring at the same time. Oh well.

    Just cause he rubs the tattoo off doesn’t prove anything :mrgreen: . Really hope BxB wipes Kanda out this match. There we go. That’s the kick combination I was hoping for Kanda to receive. I like F.Tanizaki’s chop beat down that cripples his opponent as it goes on. Seems the fake one has shown why he’s the real deal once again.

    Looking forward to this matchup. Seems like Speed Muscle should have great chemistry with a lot of teams. Was confused at first with CIMA and Dragon Kid’s first combo. Thought CIMA was attacking his own partner but it was a big man using the little man as a weapon routine. Is a fan recording the show on their iPad? What’s with the Speed Muscle role reversal? Yoshino doing a delayed suplex and pulling trickster moves of tripping up the champ. My goodness I love seeing that Doi cannonball. Seems like Yoshino is doing a lot of work in this match. Maybe Doi is going to clean up. Wow, when CIMA and Kid get their combos going, it just looks like they’re murdering their opponents. Naruki may have got the pin but it seemed like he barely scathed away with it.

    Guess now is the chance for Masamune to show what he got but it seems like so far it isn’t much. It’s all up to spunky Kotoka & K-Ness to show off for Windows. Very smart of little Kotoka to run from Saito like that. Well, I guess Masamune has a decent chop but Kagetora is no selling them. Saito seems like he’s getting really annoyed with Kotoka. Poor kid seems to be trying too hard :wink: . Not really a great ankle lock by Masamune. They seem like they’re protecting him so much. Kototka is still pretty fun to follow. Susumu is so cool when he handles Kotoka going to the top rope. Poor Kotoka taking so many bumps. This match wouldn’t be what it is without him. Saito still seems to be holding a grudge. I hope Kotoka finds a way to beat him later.

    Oh boy. For sure know Fuji is going to trying dumping YAMATO over the rail. YAMATO better beat Fuji anyways. Fuji is not sneaky. Love the school girls giggling as YAMATO came out. Guess Fuji is sneakier than I give him credit for. Love the fan interaction in this match. That guy was more than happy to share his drink with YAMATO. I like how Tominaga at least makes it seem like it’s possible that one of them is going over by shooing the fans out of the way. Why is Dragon Kid cheating? That’s pretty messed up. Jump in there Shenlong III. Love how respectful the Japanese fans are during these brawls. YAMATO looks so absent minded crazy now. Don’t think this will end well for Fuji. Chokeslam on the stage seemed pretty effective. Must have massively hurt with Fuji’s big butt doing a lou thesz press. Would’ve really liked it if YAMATO did the Galleria on a audience chair. Stink that he lost. I agree with YAMATO. Screw the Vets. Kind of annoying how Fuji no sells all that happened.

    This would be a big deal if Shingo can top this cocky jerk. Watching Mochizuki do those stiff kicks is pretty tough. Not sure how Masaaki’s head is still on after that corner clothesline by Shingo. Stiff strike after stiff strike. This seems like a KO battle. It’s incredible how these guys pick themselves up just to knock each other down again :twisted: . Love how Shingo waited to do his big move. It gave it that much more suspense. Shingo winning by countout was not expected. This match was awesome. Completely different tone than the prior match. Could’ve been a dream gate match for all I care. Dang!

    Poor Windows team has no chance of winning. Love BxB Hulk. Knew there was no way he was going to cooperate with Shisa. Wish it was Doi that was holding up Arai for the top rope splash cause he would’ve turned it into a muscle buster. Great reversal from Shisa for that Yoshi Tonic he really knows how to hit that. Too bad there’s always someone there to break up the pin. Seeing Arai hit a 450 was pretty random. Guess he paid for it though. It’s too bad BxB Hulk isn’t teamed up with Tozawa here for a rematch instead of Akira being stuck in that humiliating match he was in earlier. Nice to see the stable corner spot used more often. Big pin for Tanisaki and for Mad Blankey. Guess this pushes up the prestige of the Open the Triangle gate. Good think Doi wasn’t paid.

    This guy claiming to be Tanizaki sure does like holding grudges. With those white pants, I almost thought face BxB Hulk returned. Can’t believe Mad Blankey is taking this from one guy :awesome: It’s probably the case cause they know they’re better than the Jimmyz at the moment. Where’s Genki. He loves being on the mic more than any of these guys.