Kobe Sambo Hall 2012/09/30
1. Gamma & Magnitude Kishiwada vs. MAD BLANKEY (Akira Tozawa & Naoki Tanisaki)
2. Mondai Ryu vs. Shingo Takagi
3. Akatsuki (Chihiro Tominaga, Super Shenlong & YAMATO) vs. WORLD-1 International (Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi) & Syachihoko BOY
4. BxB Hulk vs. Super Shisa
5. Jimmyz (Jimmy Kanda & Mr. Kyukyu Toyonaka Dolphin) vs. Team Veteran Returns (Don Fujii & Masaaki Mochizuki)
6. Jimmyz (Genki Horiguchi HAGeeMee, Jimmy Kagetora & Jimmy Susumu) vs. Team Veteran Returns (CIMA, Dragon Kid & HUB)
7. Open The Dream Gate Title #1 Contendership Seven Way Elimination Match – Cyber Kong vs. Masato Yoshino vs. Mondai Ryu vs. Mr. Kyukyu Toyonaka Dolphin vs. Naoki Tanisaki vs. Ryo Jimmy Saito vs. Shingo Takagi


  • Hellionjuku

    Mochifujii vs Kanda and Kyu Kyu was so, so good. Angry Kanda is the best.

    • reostzombie13

      Yeah Kanda getting back at Fuji was the best. At first I didn’t care about the match on paper but Kanda/Fuji pulled me in.

  • Holy crap what happened to Eita??

    • He went to Mexico about 6 months ago for a training excursion and dropped his last name along the way. He’s also shown up in Dragon Gate USA.

  • reostzombie13

    Team Veteran has to be the 2nd heel group right now since I get so happy when anyone beats on them. It was pretty 8) when Tanisaki had his number in the beginning. That spitting crap Gamma pulls is messed up. Cool to see they always remind everyone how deadly at chops Tanisaki is. Funny little switcheroos at the end. Too bad Tozawa couldn’t get out of it. It’s tough to watch Tozawa get put down like this.

    Ryu thinks he can jump Shingo and live. Dudes going to die again. A match between Shingo and Kong wouldn’t be bad. Oh good. He did indeed kill him. It would be great to see Shingo go after CIMA. The boos Mondai receive almost sound like a audio rather than from the crowd.

    I always let out a big sigh when Sachihiko comes out. Don’t let Sachihiko in Doi. YAMATO shouldn’t even compare Shenlong to Sachihiko. Shenlong III is so much better. :mrgreen: I feel bad for disliking Tominaga so much but he really doesnn’t bring much new to the table. Actually like how YAMATO abuses him.

    Like how BxB Hulk went on the prowl so quickly that they couldn’t even get the streamers out. Don’t think Mad Blankey has much of a problem with Shisa just BxB is that deviant of a heel. I like the go to heel thing to do when someone has Shisa down is pull his mask fur. Wow, that was total abuse. Usually I get nervous when someone let Shisa escape a pin cause Yoshi Tonic is pretty sneaky but BxB made sure to finish the job.

    Kanda looks embarrassed to be wrestling with someone named Mr. Qu Qu. These two are going to die against Fuii & Mochizuki. Actually, I don’t care who wins :/ . It would be nice if the Veterans got it just for things to make sense. The hell is Fuji’s problem? Guess he just doesn’t like happiness so his solution is to chase the otherside with weapons. Actually it’s making me a but happy to see Kanda take it to Fuji. Apparently it’s more important than what’s happening in the ring. Really siding with Kanda now. Good job on their part for putting that together :awesome: . Pretty shocking win but they made it make sense. Fuji brought this out in Kanda and asked for Kanda’s aggression to be released. It’s kind of funny that Kanda would want the title shot with Susumu but I don’t blame him.

    Who is this HUB clown with licorice on the top of his mask? What injury is CIMA trying to sell? The dudes practically invincible so I don’t get the point. Dragon Kid looks super aware being on the 2nd rope. I guess he should be giving the 619 enough times. They just got lazy with this rubber band bit. Guess they did it enough times they’d figure the fans would figure out the switch. Sugoi spot where it looked like Dragon Kid was just about to be attack but did a backflip onto Kagetora. Why did Susumu bite Hub’s licorice? He seems a bit obsessed with it now. I usually don’t mind laces hanging from one’s mask but HUB’s is pretty annoying.

    Haha Eita be looking like he just came from summer vacation.

    How does Ryu keep getting in this match? Quit going for the pin combos and get some actual offense in there. Pretty bad to the bone of Shingo to take a ddt yet try to suplex Qu Qu from it. Stop trying to eliminate Tanisaki. He’s one of the few I have hope for. Kong, Saito, Ryu and Qu Qu definitely need to be eliminated first. How in the blue blazes did Mondai get Shingo on the apron in the first place. That was a ridiculous amount of people needed to eliminate Shingo :roll: . Pretty admirable of Ryu to dive at him like that even with the use of salt. Stinks Taniaski had to cheat but at least he got his adversary eliminated. What a crazy suplex combo Saito committed too. Poor Mondai. Can’t just suplex without being interrupted. Yoshino rolling over Kong’s powerbomb was nuts. Nice pin combo. Tanisaki and Yoshino aren’t a bad final two. Not a bad finish. Guess it’s fitting for the 2nd half of Speed Muscle to play victim to CIMA.