Kobe World Hall
9,500 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. K-ness., Super Shisa, Shisa Boy & Kenichiro Arai vs Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Jimmy Kanda & Naoki Tanisaki
2. Chihiro Tominaga & Super Shenlong III vs Rich Swann & EITA
3. Street Fight – Evil Ways Visit! Special Tag Match: Atsushi Onita & “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa vs Kzy & Mondai Ryu
4. Open the Brave Gate Title: Dragon Kid (c) vs Ricochet
5. Jimmy Susumu & Jimmy Kagetora vs Shingo Takagi & YAMATO
6. Open the Triangle Gate Title, 3 Way Match: Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino & PAC (c) vs BxB Hulk, Cyber Kong & Fake Naoki Tanizaki vs Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii & Gamma
7. Open the Dream Gate Title: CIMA (c) vs Akira Tozawa

All matches are clipped


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  • reostzombie13

    It’s actually pretty 8) seeing the Jimmyz do their entrance on such a large stage. Guess this is this is Tanisaki’s big return match. I like his new look with the red hair. Genki has to have the strongest hair from anyone I know to take as much abuse as it does. Arai seems so small no wonder he wears the jumpsuit to hide it. Love how everyone has to sell the rubberband spot as if they were blasted with a cannon. It seems no one can avoid the Yoshi Tonic.

    Such a newbies match. Would much rather have Shenlong vs Swann. Tominaga seems to enjoys the armbar. Shenlong III’s moves always make my jaw drop. Good for Shenlong III getting the win. Hopefully this gets him more matches. I like how Swannsomewhat blames him. Guess he has the right to being in World-1 while this could’ve been Eita’s moment to prove himself.

    Getting trained by Onita would be the worst. Guess it’s nice Stalker gets to team with him now. Not sure how much Mondai’s salt can stand up to Onita’s barbwire. Usually death matches shouldn’t be funny but they’re so over the top :roll: anyways might as well add some comedy. Love Ichikawa’s tribute attire but it doesn’t seem to help him much. Atsushi is legend for breaking Japanese table with such ease. Give me a break, we all know Ryu is hitting the barbwire. Bad enough KZY had mental problems before this but that thick board isn’t going to help. Kzy seems to be taking the worst beating in this match. It seems Stalker has yet to learn his lesson. Hopefully this is a don’t take gruff from bullies speech. Is Stalker asking to be taken more seriously by Cima? Not sure Atsushi will the one to convince them.

    Oh, I kind of like this song for the Ricochet/Dragon Kid match preview. Like how cocky Ricochet is in this match. Nice to see from a challenger. It was a great catch by Ricochet when trapped him in a rollup. What the heck? How did Ricochet land one his feet from a freaking super hurricurana. Such a great transition from Ricochet to plant Dragon Kid in that powerbomb. I’ve never seen the 619 done like that before. Was not expecting a reverse from being tossed out the ring into a 619. These two keep innovating such crazy spots. What will it take to end this? Cool of Ricochet’s partner, Rich Swann, to cheer him on like this. How did Ricochet end up on top of Kid’s hurricurana? Sucks to see Ricochet miss that spot. Here comes a dragoncurana. Yeah, that would do it. Damn so close. Such great effort by Ricochet. I feel Dragon Gate is nervous about giving him the belt due to him possibly leaving like Pac did. Well, Dragon Kid’s a fit champion so that thought might not be so true.

    Seth didn’t put that BattleHawk vs Jimmyz was for the Open the Twin Gate. Really dig some of these preview songs. What is the referee wearing? Kind of seems unprofessional. Good technical prowess by Kagetora and YAMATO. Poor Susumu isn’t going to survive thinking he has to survive against Shingo’s power. That should’ve had a count before Shingo rolled Susumu over for the sharpshooter. Nastsy exploder by Susumu. Wasn’t even sure Shingo would land on the stage. Come on YAMATO, you’ve taken worst enzuigiris than that. YAMATO is a tough guy but they always put him on the losing end of the endurance battles. :cry: Nice. YAMATO said screw this reversing mess and is just going to put Susumu to sleep. That’s messed up of the Jimmys stealing Battlehawk’s headkicking tag combo. Wasn’t even sure where Kagetora came from for that elbow drop. What a cool slam fom Kagetora to Shingo; like a modified emerald fusion. There YAMATO goes with his kick to Kagetora’s head. Shingo and Susumu are killing each other. Seems like Shingo is winning these battles though. Despite that, really thought Susumu had the win the sliding lariat following. Good to see YAMATO is busy putting Kagetora to sleep. Such immense strength from Shingo to hold Susumu in that position before giving him the final blow. Fantastic match. Good to see Battle Hawk having the Open the Twin Gate belts again.

    Mad Blankey seems so sad they didn’t have a team huddle. Yeah, Cyber Kong should be able to take on Doi and Fuji in a test of strength easily. Oh, Kong should’ve stayed in there since he was doing so well with all of those funny combinations. Funny that Tanizaki is winning their ultimate test of strength. Yoshino goes so fast I miss him going the other direction. Pac and Hulk is exciting, Gamma is just there to be a gimmick. Gamma has no idea when to jump in. Guess it’s nice to let those two battle while he hangs out. Pac & Hulk need to kill Gamma for that disrespect. Apparently, Hulk is going to hunt Gamma down. Oh great, looks like war has broken out. I think Mondai saved Fuji more than anyone else by tripping him up. What’s Mochizuki up to? Can’t believe Pac fell for it. I thought BxB had the meanest kick combination but Mochizuki’s doesn’t come close. A wild Yoshino appears to blast Tanizaki away. Does Reed even need to distract the ref? With the way he’s dressed I doubt he’d know what to do anyways. Haha at a Doi/Fuji combo needed to chokeslam Cyber Kong. Interesting pin by Doi eliminating Gamma. I didn’t even know he was pinning him until the two count. Can’t believe Yoshino picked up Kong with such ease. Guess when someone like Masato has so much momentum, it tough to stop them. Wow, it feels like it’s been a bit since I’ve seen one of Pac’s crazy flip. Was going to say. Good think Kong got help cause no way he could kick out of two of Pac’s flips. Very impressive flip back slam by Hulk to Pac. Dirty Doi to save the day from the disgusting Mondai Ryu. Very smart of Pac getting that second slam on top of his flip. I was really cheering for World-1 in this match despite knowing what was going to happen to Pac. It’s too bad about Pac leaving but he gave a very touching speech in the end. This match was pretty spazstastic. Not much story to it. My favorite spots were all done by World-1. Kong and Hulk had some impressive stuff too.

    The guitar rift gives this Open the Dream Gate such a touching story. Don’t care, still cheering for Tozawa. These previews seem pretty long for a clipped show. Cool pyro that Tozawa very much deserves. Of course Akira still goes out of his way to dismiss the fans. Kind of slow match. Good thing some heel tactics were involved. Odd that Akira appears mad at Mad Blankey. He seemed to need the help. Haha, Cima is going to try to play the same game. Dragon screw with a chair on the leg seemed pretty vicious. Three suicide dives in a row. Nice to see Tozawa go the extra mile in this match. Smart of him to be selling the leg as such. :awesome: Cima’s certainly done a number to it. Seeing Akira land on his feet after Cima dropkicked him did make me cringe. Pretty epic superplex. Get those german suplexes Tozawa. Got to finish Cima. Crap, was expecting him to after the leg when he tied Tozawa up but he’s just been using as a trap. Interesting to see Tozawa go with having only one arm trapped. What the blimey funk? Akira had Cima beat but he let it go cause of his leg. I get it that Cima has been working on it the whole match but that’s stupid. Tozawa’s last kickout after the two Meteoras almost seemed non apparent. Seems like Cima has to go the full way to get this win. Sadly it feels unneeded. Kind of mad about the result. This is so tough to see Tozawa in tears.

    Nice notion from Cima to Pac.