Everyone’s favourite gaijin and former Open the Brave Gate champion debuted on WWE’s developmental program NXT last night in the opening match versus Sakamoto. While his name may have changed to Adrian Neville, he’s still the same flippy floppy high flyer we’ve come to love over the years.

Check out his first match at Hulu for free. If you live outside the US you can get an Unblock-Us account to watch American content sites such as Hulu or Netflix (works amazingly well).

It looks like they could push him quite a lot and if they let him really go he could go far in this company.


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  • senpuuken

    I was surprised to see WWE allow PAC to continue using his corkscrew shooting star press. I haven’t seen his signature slingshot cutter though.

    I would love to see him work with Evan Bourne and Sin Cara.

    • Seth

      I think it’s probably because he quite clearly has complete control over it, much like Evan Bourne has so much control over his SSP. If he proves to be reliable with it then they’ll probably continue to let him use it. Unlike when Kurt Angle broke Hardcore Holly’s arm with his moonsault. I don’t think we ever saw him land that move again after that.

      Anyway, they’ve already given him the first ever NXT tag title so clearly they have a lot of faith in him, which is great to see.

    • senpuuken

      I hope this leads to other talent being picked up.

      Do you think it’s too much to think Rich Swann and Ricochet will make it to NXT?

    • Seth

      I really don’t see why not. They both have the look and both are great high flyers. Swann maybe doesn’t have as good ring psychology and is a bit more “spotty” perhaps than WWE likes, but he has charisma out the ass so that’s totally up WWE’s alley.

      It really depends on if WWE want to push the cruiserweight division like some have been speculating.