1. Kotoka/Sachihoko Boy vs. Mr. Kyukyu Toyonaka Dolphin/Chihiro Tominaga.
2. Jimmy Susumu/Jimmy Kanda vs. Don Fuji/AR Fox.
3. Jimmy Kagetora vs. Dragon Kid vs. Mondai Ryu
4. BxB Hulk/Akira Tozawa/Fake Naoki Tanizaki vs. Shingo Takagi/YAMATO/Super Shenlong III.
5. CIMA/Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Ryo Saito/Genki Horiguchi.
6.  Open the Triangle Gate – Magnitude Kishiwada/Gamma/HUB vs. Masato Yoshino/Naruki Doi/Johnny Gargano

  • reostzombie13

    Dolphin & Tominaga seems like a pretty fitting team as in I find them both dry. Kotoka may be the only saving grace of this match. #TeamRedShinypants is what I should call them :o . Really like the Beautiful Disaster Sachihiko boy gets from behind on Tominaga. Double stomp & moonsault for the finish. The right team won.

    Nice to see Sachihiko earn his right into World 1. Smart choice as it appeared he was heading to windows.

    Fuji/Kanda is one of the feuds whose chemistry is great and without each other wouldn’t nearly be as noticable. AR Fox must be so confused jumping in the middle of this. Dang that kid is light on his feet to leap off the third rope like he did. Seems like the Jimmyz team is pretty legit. Too bad they couldn’t color coordinate better :mrgreen: . It’s always crazy see guys jump over the turnbuckle to the outside. Not surprising from AR Fox. Ooh, I like the chokeslam 450 combo but it seems the Jimmyz aren’t done for yet. Usually I see Fuji as the bad guy but with the way Fox is working this match, the Jimmyz seem like the heels. Veterans come in cause they can’t handle the loss again.

    Ooh, a triple threat what a nice treat. Guessing the match is pretty much Kagetora/Dragon Kid with random funny bits from Mondai Ryu. Ryu seems too excited when he actually is able to his any offense. Pretty good tornado ddt by Dragon Kid to Kagetora. OF course Kid & Kagetora work together to shut Mondai up. Wasn’t expecting Kagetora to win when he did but makes sense. Kind of a scape goat to pin Ryu. Kageotora does have a point when it comes to rookies overlooking him for the Brave Gate title. Battle between Veterans and Jimmyz is spreading to more than one angle of Dragon Gate.

    Really like the YAMATO/Shingo/Shenlong II trio of Akatsuki, maybe Shingo/Shenlong more but still should be excellent chemistry. Seeing YAMATO/Tozawa trade fist makes me so happy. Quite a surprise suplex when BxB was incharge. That’s our Shingo. Uh oh, Akira is going to have fun with Shenlong II :twisted: I. Dang! I really don’t like the one chair dive but Tozawa sure got some air on that past one. Not the dozen roses! I get doing the single leg crab at a high angle shows dominance but it should be so easy for Shenlong to escape when it’s applied as such. Really cool to see the transition between the three Mad Blankey members in how they pass YAMATO around. Really nice to see some spunk out of Shenlong III; he’s always fun to watch. Makes sense Tanizaki could overcome him. Hmm, he’s using his Tomahawk TT music. Match of the night so far.

    Mad Blankey seems pissed they lost their Open the Triangle Gate belts. I can’t blame them.

    This is the third match of the night between Jimmyz & Veterans. Oh jeez, CIMA/Mochizuki is the ultimate combo. Genki/Saito are to really use some luck on their side this match. CIMA is nasty for putting that in his pants. That backslider of doom seems like it can get a pin out of nowhere :/ . Saito is fighting hard to kick out of Meteora. Yeah, no way he could taken than corner kick from Mochizuki too. This okay but it pretty much was a way to show Mochizuki/CIMA dominance which most should know.

    One thing too accept Veteran’s bet but to claim they’ll take all their belts including the Open the Dream gate seems a bit silly.

    It’s weird that Dragon Kid & Sachihiko have to join for the pre match pictures but whatever. Where did this HUB come from. Such a clown whipping folks like that. I like Kishiwada though. Come on. No way one can trick Doi when it comes to heel tactics as such. Kinds of sucks Gamma has to be the one to take the most heat. Should be HUB. Yoshino should grab HUB’s strap and pull it between his legs if he could use it as a whip. Yoshino is a tough guy for going as long as he does against HUB. Oh gosh that damn strap. Can’t see Gargano getting too much out of these guys like he did Akatsuki at the PPV. Really hating this veteran trio. Would make me so happy if World 1 takes it here. Come on Gargano, reverse something :( . This is really crappy. Pretty much Gargano takes all the heat while Speed Muscle does all the cool combos. I’m dead inside. The trios match earlier with Mad Blankey & Akatsuki was much more interesting than this.