11/8/2012 Tokyo, Korakuen Hall
0. Shachihoko BOY, Super Shisa vs. K-ness, Chihiro Tominaga
1. Naoki Tanisaki, Mondai Ryu vs. Kenichiro Arai, Kotoka
2. Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino vs. Cyber Kong, Scott Reed
3. MAD BLANKEY vs. -akatsuki- 3 Singles Match Series #1: Kzy vs. Super Shenlong III
4. MAD BLANKEY vs. -akatsuki- 3 Singles Match Series #2: BxB Hulk vs. YAMATO
5. MAD BLANKEY vs. -akatsuki- 3 Singles Match Series #3: Akira Tozawa vs. Shingo Takagi
6. Team Veteran Returns vs. Jimmys All Out War Elimination Match: CIMA, Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii, Dragon Kid, HUB, Gamma vs. Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Jimmy Susumu, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Jimmy Kagetora, Jimmy Kanda, Mr. Kyukyu Toyonaka Dolphin


  • reostzombie13

    The Jimmyz should bring up how the Veterans look desperate when there bring in part times to win titles. CIMA must be the best stable leader in Dragon Gate with the way he has lead two separate groups into winning all the titles. I liked Tozawa/Hulk/Tomohawk and it’s too bad they had to lose the belts for this. Yeah those yoga pants CIMA is wearing is pretty awkward :lol: . Like that Jimmyz put in the effort of having some uniform. Not sure why Qu Qu has to go out of his way to stand out. Genki seems more pissed off than Kanda usually is.

    I miss Arai being in the jumpsuit. It didn’t make him look like a legit competitor but it was a lot more fitting. That drop toe hold Mondai did to Kotoka in the corner was probably the best wrestling move I’ve seen him do. Lucky there was a Kotoka lying around when Arai just rolled away. Nice to see Tomohawk be so dominant. We didn’t really get that usual spunk of energy we usually would with Kotoka.

    It’s been mentioned plenty of times about how odd it is someone with the name Boy has such a deep and scratchy voice. Usually I barely notice but this past promo it was a bit creepy. Scott seems like a bad guy but not a crap starter like the rest of Blankey. His punches to Speed Muscle seemed stiff. Now this guy is going to feel like what it’s like to work in Japan as Speed Muscle get there combo senton. Pretty powerful sidewalk slam Kong served to Yoshino. A chop from Masato must be like a mosquito bite to Kong. Although one could barely hear Kong’s chop. Masato did work Kong over. Doi’s side kick always seems gravity defying. Best move I’ve seen from Scott Reed is that powerslam. Great combo by Reed & Kong with that wheel barrel suplex/lariat combo. That has to be so bad those guy’s back when they flapjack Kong as so. Didn’t think Yoshino needed a rollup like that to win :roll: but with that being such a powerful move of his it works. Better match than I expected. Reed & Kong just don’t have the chemistry.

    Ryu isn’t there to win just exist as garbage. That handshake was so awkward. Barely even appeared as if he was squeezing.

    Shenlong in singles action should be cool. KZY and him should manage some unique spots with KZY overreacting of course :) . In the first few seconds these two are not disappointing. Damn KZY, I know speed isn’t your key but you need to hurry when diving from the top rope.

    Why would YAMATO go to Mondai? Get a hold of yourself. Haven’t seen any fancy pants moves from Hulk yet. Mostly trying to keep YAMATO down. About time YAMATO stands up against Hulk. BxB has been stretching the heck out of him. I like that with YAMATO’s sleeper hold, he’s also blinding Hulk due to his hair. Great suplex(or slam) by Hulk when it looked like YAMATO had him trapped in a runnign ddt. Wow, the interference really killed YAMATO. Where’s Shingo? Guess there he is at the very end!

    It’s great how they connected these three matches together even if they were back to back. Shingo’s cold, knocking Tozawa’s head before attempting to go to the top rope. Akira’s suicide dive is so pure. Makes me happy he has enough energy to do it twice. Good Yakuza kick by Tozawa; not very stiff but still effective. I get that Tozawa comes off as silly cause of his ridiculous energy but I find that chair spot to be such a waste. Boo, Shingo blocked Tozawa’s chop fake out :x . Love how Tozawa has been running this match so far. Shingo and Tozawa are real fun to see break it out into fisticuffs. Love how Tozawa slithers to another german when he’s in control. His mannerisms are so great. Wow, that referee distraction was horrible. YAMATO to save the day. Still a fantastic match.

    It’s kind of cute seeing how upset Tozawa is someone else interfered. Okay, YAMATO looks like he just did some dope.

    I’m sure Mondai Ryu would do horrible things to the interviewer but he shouldn’t be as scared as he is by Ryu :/ . Super Shenlong III has a lot to be proud of for what he pulled off for Akatsuki.

    This WAR match should be crazy. Don’t really expect the Jimmyz to win but still want to see what kind of damage they’ll do to the stupid Veterans. It would be great if they took advantage of Dragon Kid being wrapped up in the streamers. 6 wrestlers each is a lot. Oh crap, Kanda is trying to kill Fuji. That’s pretty legit. Think CIMA would be much more effective fighting the Jimmyz than playing a stool for Gamma. HUB is a bit more athletic than I thought. As soon as I type that he uses his stupid head whip. Well, look at the balls on Saito going hand on hand against one of the stiffest in the game of Mochizuki. Susumu is playing his hand at it too but for some reason he always had a very strike heavy moveset yet doesn’t seem nearly as scary as Mochizuki. Great teamwork as always by Kid/CIMA. Gamma looks like he should’ve been eliminated but no one called it. Haha Qu Qu finally gets to humiliate someone else. Pretty vicious double stomp by CIMA to Genki’s head. Seems like CIMA has tag chemistry with practically everyone. The Jimmyz sure are laying it into Dragon Kid. Not sure how he’s holding on. It’s funny how these guys can survive an attack from five guys. Pretty sure the Veterans were mocking the Jimmyz synchronized dances right? That’s messed up and probably well earned. Love in these larger matches how they can put together doing the same moves at the same time. Qu Qu seems to go back to status quo of being the laughing stock of Dragon Gate. For some reason, I get really annoyed by HUB’s whip. Like how Fuji still finds a way to taunt Kanda using someone else. Qu Qu is taking so much abuse. Doubt he has the resilience that Dragon Kid has. Such a big win that Saito got that suplex but I doubt he could get CIMA to tap. Stupid Fuji has no idea what he’s doing. That’s brilliant. This is ridiculous. Gamma just got the train. How can he still be surviving? Would’ve love for Gamma to get eliminated due to his own pin. Finally, Gamma is out. That was nuts. For sure thought CIMA was out. Dang it. Should’ve knew Qu Qu would’ve screwed up. Think I’ve gotten the most satisfaction out of HUB’s elimination. Poor Kanda being trapped in that lucha nonsense :( . Finish Dragon Kid, Susumu. Dang it. CIMA saved Kid’s butt. Hopefully Kagetora avenges his partner. Ooh, that’s got to sting for Kagetora. Those Christos are vicious. Good for Saito for stopping Dragon Kid but I don’t imagine he survives much longer. Like sharks Mochizuki & Fuji are already on him. Pretty fitting that Fuji and Kanda eliminate each other. Just feel like anyone who is left against Mochizuki & CIMA are at a disadvantage. The lights were definitely out for Saito. Dude had heart at the end. Genki seems passed. That backslide is going to be tough to successfully hit with two guys in the ring. Pretty big that Jimmyz won this opening battle but I’m unsure how decisive it was with needing a pin combo to get this wi :P n. Well, any mean necessary especially against the Vets.

    At least the Jimmyz have some ground to stand on with no belts. Pretty weird that World-1 would join forces with the Vets. Why would would they help a force that’s already so powerful especially when CIMA has humiliated both of their top two guys? They should be willing to fight the Jimmys but not for World-1. Guess the better CIMA looks the better they look for losing to him. Whatever, don’t they want the Open the Twin Gate title. I get why YAMATO would be pissed at Fuji but it seems like they should’ve moved beyond that.