We’ve been sleeping in our cocoon, slowly turning into a beautiful butterfly. Or at least some kind of moth. What’s important though is that we’re back and better than ever!

I wanted to do a better job of cataloguing the videos on the site and make the content you want to see easier to find and get to. Comments have been revamped but there may be some issues/conflicts regarding logging in. There also may not be. I’d really appreciate you letting me know of any issues you experience with this.

I had originally planned on keeping the site offline until I was 100% happy with it but I figured, why not live a little? Things will probably continue to change and I definitely welcome all feedback. There are some features that I haven’t gotten around to adding in yet and there may be the occasional downtime as I explore adding these, but for now take a look around and let me know what you think!

Here’s a rough roadmap for the future:
– Weekend reopening special starting later today
– Catch up on Infinities 286 onwards moving to HD from 300 onwards
– Catch up on missing PPVs
– Slowly replace missing or broken videos from the site
(However, new Infinities will always take precedence over anything else.)

I still plan on adding more community features but so far I’m not satisfied with the options I have explored. These will be coming as and when I’m comfortable with the option I choose.

Finally, it would be great if you could share this site around. Like us on Facebook, get the message out on Twitter, post about us on Reddit. Anything you can do would be great. Getting involved really helps keep the updates coming. Also, rather than ripping the videos here and uploading them to torrent sites or blogs I’d really appreciate it if you could just share the link to the video page. I’m offering this service for free and ask for nothing in return. If you absolutely can’t abide by this request, at the very least give the proper credit.

Thanks everyone, and welcome back!


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