Be sure to preorder this year’s Gate of Destiny iPPV. The purpose of this website has always been to provide Dragon Gate video content to audiences that don’t have access to it, and to try and build the audience in the west. While you’ve probably all gotten used to watching Dragon Gate for free by now, it’s extremely important to support the iPPVs so that we can show Dragon Gate that we want to keep receiving this content.

Not to mention that the PPV will be live! If you’re new to watching Japanese wrestling I can’t stress enough how awesome this is. Way back when we used to have to trade VHS tapes among ourselves in order to watch this stuff, now you can just stream it directly as it happens!

So head on over the preorder the show and join us in the chat during the event on Sunday! If you can’t stay up that late don’t worry as it is available as video on demand as soon as the show has aired.


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  • Thunder79

    Agree 100% buy the IPPVs they deserve every penny of it!!

  • Louis Perrotta III

    Awesome show! Well worth the price.