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Metal masks unveiled – new faction forms

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After weeks of mysterious appearances, the metal masks have finally been revealed. The original 4 partnered with 5 new masks. The originals turned out to be Team Doi while the new masks revealed themselves to be n...

KOBE Pro-Wrestling Festival 2009 – 19.07.09

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KOBE Pro-Wrestling Festival 2009 July 19, 2009 Hyogo - Kobe World Hall 1. Kenichiro Arai, Yasushi Kanda & Cyber Kong(W) (9:16 powerbomb) K-ness., Super Shisa & Shisa BOY(L) 2. Bousou 10-Match Series Final Match: A...

Dead or Alive 2008 – 05/05/2008

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I was requested to post this show and since it is fitting since we just saw a Hair vs Mask cage match at Gate of Destiny. Enjoy. 1. Anthony W. Mori, PAC & Syachihoko Machine vs. Cyber Kong, Akira Tozawa & Super She...

Infinity #144

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Dragon Gate - Infinity 144 8/26/2009 Tokyo, Korakuen Hall Attendance - 2350 Summer Adventure Tag League III - Final Day!

Infinity #226

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Dragon Gate 7-8-11 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 2,000 Fans - No Vacancy 1. CIMA, Yasushi Kanda & Ricochet vs Masaaki Mochizuki, Gamma & Dragon Kid 2. Special Match - Akira Tozawa vs YAMATO 3. Special Match - BxB Hulk v...

Infinity #180

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THE GATE OF MAXIMUM 2010 June 13th, 2010 Kobe Sambo Hall 1,400 Fans 1. Masaaki Mochizuki & Don Fujii vs. Susumu Yokosuka & K-ness 2. Open the Dream Gate Title Contendership - Takuya Sugawara vs. Masato Yoshino ...

Infinity #200

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1. Dragon Kid & CIMA vs Masato Yoshino & PAC 2. Captains Fall Hair vs Hair match - Kotoka (captain) & BxB Hulk vs Kzy (captain) & Yasushi Kanda

We’re back up to regular working order

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I managed to evict the mice and scrape off the pigeon crap and things look like they're back to normal again. I'm not entirely sure what was the problem (apart, obviously from the rodent infestation) so I'm a little w...

Summer Adventure Tag League update

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Apologies once more for the lack of updates. Work and life has been draining me. I'll do my best to keep you up to date though through this busy time. If you haven't been following the tag league lately, well some ...

T2P, 26.12.2002

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T2P, 26.12.2002 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,950 Fans - Super No Vacancy Full House 1. Lucha Libre Classica Rules: Anthony W. Mori, Henry III Sugawara & Phillip J. Fukumasa vs Kinya Oyanagei, Noriaki Kawabata & Jun Ogaw...

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