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Dead or Alive 2010, 05.05.2010

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Dream Gate champion YAMATO puts his title on the line against recent King of Gate winner, and fellow KAMIKAZE member, Shingo Takagi. Elsewhere WORLD-1 and WARRIORS clash but with a returning, and slightly confused Ryo...

Infinity #129

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Dragon Gate "THE GATE OF PASSION 2009", 19.04.2009 Kyoto KBS Hall 950 Fans - Super No Vacancy 1. Open the Twin Gate Unified Tag Title Contendership Tournament - Semi Final: Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson vs. Ma...

Infinity #272

4.03K Views1 Comments

1. Kotoka/Sachihoko Boy vs. Mr. Kyukyu Toyonaka Dolphin/Chihiro Tominaga. 2. Jimmy Susumu/Jimmy Kanda vs. Don Fuji/AR Fox. 3. Jimmy Kagetora vs. Dragon Kid vs. Mondai Ryu 4. BxB Hulk/Akira Tozawa/Fake Naoki Tanizak...

Toryumon “Tuesday” – 27/11/1999

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It's Tuesday in the Open the Dragon Gate offices again, even if it has passed you by. So we have another dosing of Toryumon for you. Please bear with the lack of match listings for now and just sit back with your cup ...

Infinity #276 – King of Chop 4

3.45K Views1 Comments

12/2/2012 Aichi, Nagoya Congress Center - 16:00 1. Cyber Kong vs. Mondai Ryu 2. Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, Shachihoko BOY vs. Akira Tozawa, Scott Reed, Kzy 3. YAMATO, Shingo Takagi vs. BxB Hulk, Naoki Tanisaki 4....

Infinity #320

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12/15/2013 Hyogo, Kobe Sambo Hall 1. Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy Kanda vs. Cyber Kong, Mondai Ryu 2. Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!! vs. Gamma 3. No Time Limit Match: CIBA, Ryotsu Shimizu vs. U-T, Yosuke♡Santa Maria 4. Masa...

The outfits of Naruki Doi 2009

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I got into an interesting discussion with CP Munk over at the SSS forums about Naruki Doi's outfits. In a previous post I stated how I found Doi's entrance outfits in big matches to lack taste and frankly, don't fit h...

Best of Toryumon 05 vol 3 coming soon

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Just wanted to let those of you visiting the site that Vol 3 will be up soon. I've been killing my bandwidth lately so have to slow down with these for this month, but there will be a lot of great things coming soon b...

Infinity #271

9.91K Views1 Comments

1. Jimmy Kagetora/Mr. Kyukyu Toyonaka Dolphin vs. Cyber Kong/Mondai Ryu. 2. Kenichiro Arai/K-ness vs. Sachihoko Boy/Kotoka. 3. Genki Horiguchi vs. Naruki Doi. 4. BxB Hulk/Akira Tozawa/Kzy vs. Shingo Takagi/YAMATO/S...

Infinity #197

1.49K Views27 Comments

1. KneSuka vs Gamma & Genki Horiguchi 2. YAMATO, Cyber Kong & Shingo Takagi vs Naruki Doi, Takuya Sugawara & Yasushi Kanda

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