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Now accepting donations

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Open the Dragon Gate is a purely not-for-profit website run by Dragon Gate fans for Dragon Gate fans. From the beginning I have tried to run the site without advertisements and have consciously made an effort to not a...

Current unit affiliations

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Adam over at Open the Tumblr Gate posted a great image by @JustinJHouston showing off the current unit affiliations. If you are unsure as to where your favourite wrestlers align, take a look at the below image and all...

Infinity #219

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Dragon Gate, 12.05.2011 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 2,000 Fans 1. King of Gate - Round 1 - Masato Yoshino Vs Yasushi Kanda 2. King of Gate - Round 1 - Dragon Kid Vs PAC 3. Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi vs Kenichiro ...

Infinity #270

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 Kobe Sambo Hall 2012/09/30 1. Gamma & Magnitude Kishiwada vs. MAD BLANKEY (Akira Tozawa & Naoki Tanisaki) 2. Mondai Ryu vs. Shingo Takagi 3. Akatsuki (Chihiro Tominaga, Super Shenlong & YAMATO) vs. WOR...

Infinity #277

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12/6/2012 Tokyo, Korakuen Hall 0. K-ness, Kenichiro Arai vs. Super Shisa, Kotoka 1. Gamma, HUB, Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa vs. Mondai Ryu, Cyber Kong, Scott Reed 2. Jimmy Kagetora vs. Shachihoko BOY 3. Shingo Taka...

Infinity #229

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Summer Adventure Tag League Round 2 1. Summer Adventure Tag League B Block – Round 2: Akira Tozawa & BxB Hulk vs Super Shisa & KAGATORA 2. Cyber Kong Arm Wrestling Challenge 3. Summer Adventure Tag League A Block...

Infinity #254 – KING OF CHOP

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"THE GATE OF PASSION 2012" 4/19/12 Kobe Samo Hall 1. Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk & Cyber Kong vs Masato Yoshino, Ricochet & Eita Kobayashi 2. Naruki Doi vs Jimmy Kanda 3. Shingo Takagi & YAMATO vs Don Fuj...

Dragon Gate news roundup

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I haven't received any new Inifnities or shows lately so I thought I'd do a quick catch up on some events going on in Dragon Gate lately. Be warned though of course that this will contain spoilers for upcoming Infinit...

Infinity #315

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11/16/2013 Hyogo, Kobe Sambo Hall 0. Jimmy Kanda, Jimmy Kagetora vs. Chihiro Tominaga, Mike Sydal 1. Eita, Rocky Lobo vs. YAMATO, Mondai Ryu 2. Challenge Match: Naruki Doi vs. Ryotsu Shimizu 3. CIMA, Dragon Kid, C...

Kobe World Pro-Wrestling Festival 2007

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I'm going to start posting my back catalog of Dragon Gate shows and today I'm starting with the World show from 2007. My collection dates back to Toryumon but I'm unsure on a) the quality and b) if said discs even wor...

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