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Infinity #224

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1. PAC vs Ricochet 2. CIMA, BxB Hulk & Naruki Doi vs YAMATO, Masato Yoshino and Gamma Thanks to mastermind

Infinity #190

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1. Dragon Kid & Ryo Saito vs KAGETORA & Takagi Shingo 2. Cyber Kong vs Yoshino 3. Naoki Tanisaki, Naruki Doi & BxB Hulk vs CIMA, Gamma & Genki Horiguchi

Infinity #161

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"LIVE GATE 2010" Jan. 15, 2010, Hyogo Art Theater dB Kobe 388 Fans - No Vacancy 1. Open the Twin Gate Unified Tag Title Participation Team Tournament - Block A Round 1: Susumu Yokosuka & K-ness vs. NOSAWA Rongai...

The the winners are…

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In what will go down as no surprise to anyone, Shingo and YAMATO advance to face Ryo and Genki for the Twin Gate after defeating Michizuki and Nakajima in the finals. Ryo and Genki made a demand before they would ...

Toryumon El Numero Uno 2003

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Jae is doing a #DGThrowback week on Twitter and with the resurgence of H.A.G.E. and King of Gate just around the corner it seemed very appropriate for our next look down memory lane to be El Numero Uno 2003. For t...

Gate of Destiny 2011 – 16.10.2011

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It's PPV time again folks. While the overall card doesn't seem fantastic on paper, definitely the star of the show will be the main event in which we see some major players put their hair (or mask) on the line in the ...

Summer Adventure Tag League; KOBE World show coming very soon

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The summer is here and in Dragon Gate that means it must be time for the Summer Adventure Tag League! The teams have been announced for the third annual Tag League (thanks Sobaku-chama): Summer Adventure Tag League...

The outfits of Naruki Doi 2009

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I got into an interesting discussion with CP Munk over at the SSS forums about Naruki Doi's outfits. In a previous post I stated how I found Doi's entrance outfits in big matches to lack taste and frankly, don't fit h...

Infinity #187

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SUMMER ADVENTURE TAG LEAGUE IV August 14th, 2010 Kobe Sambo Hall 1,400 Fans - Super No Vacancy Full House 1. Open the Brave Gate Title - Masato Yoshino vs. Tigers Mask [Osaka Pro] (c) August 15th, 2010 Nag...

Unit shuffle complete, Tozawa returns and more

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Jae has posted a lengthy update after the huge events occurring at yesterday's Korakuen Hall show. You can read the full report over at iHEARTdg but the long and short of it is thus: The Mochizuki unit has been na...

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